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by | Oct 1, 2012


The Pro-Life team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

By Dave Andrusko

Over the decades, National Right to Life News has produced many invaluable editions of “the pro-life newspaper of record.” Near the top we believe are the election issues we produce every four years published in the final weeks leading up to the presidential election.

You have a chance to order one copy or multiple copies of the Election Issue Special at the lowest possible price to share with your friends and family. You can and should do so today by calling 202-626-8828.

What will be in this vitally important edition?

When National Right to Life endorsed pro-life Mitt Romney on April 12, NRLC President Carol Tobias provided reporters at the National Press Club with a wonderful summation of why the nation’s foremost single-issue pro-life organization was throwing its weight behind Mr. Romney. You can see the video of her remarks at

The core of why NRL PAC is going all-out for Mr. Romney is these four sentences:

“On pro-life issues, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama provide a stark contrast.  As the country’s most pro-abortion president, Barack Obama has pursued a radical pro-abortion agenda.  It is now time for pro-life Americans to unite behind Mitt Romney.  For the sake of unborn children, the disabled, and the elderly, we must win.”

NRL News’ election issue will not only help you understand why the 2012 presidential contest is of unsurpassed importance but provide you with the information you will need to convince people who either are unaware of the choice at hand or are wavering. Always remember that politically, President Obama is amazingly agile and to this day many millions of Americans believe he is a raging “moderate” on abortion.

He is not. There is a reason the entire Abortion Establishment—the NARALs, the Planned Parenthoods, the Emily Lists—has lined up solidly behind Obama: he is one of them.

All orders will be taken over the phone so as to expedite handling.  The number again is 202-626-8828.

A single copy–$1.00
Ten copies—$5.00
25 copies–$7.50
50 copies–$12.00
100 copies–$25.00

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