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Pro-abortionists want no “softball” questions in first presidential debate

by | Oct 2, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Jim Lehrer

The Center for Reproductive Rights is asking its supporters to make sure that “the tough reproductive rights questions asked at the first presidential debate” Wednesday night. To do so, the CRR is telling readers to tweet their questions to moderator Jim Lehrer accompanied by the hashtag “NoSoftballs.” Why?

Well, according to the CRR, “Reproductive rights issues are frequently raised in the debates, but too often, the questions are softballs or the moderators don’t push back enough to get real, meaningful answers from evasive candidates.”

CRR adds, “We all deserve to know exactly what kind of reproductive health policy we can expect from each candidate’s presidency.”

Well, for once, we can agree. And fortunately [sort of] for CRR and certainly for debate viewers, we can “know exactly what kind of reproductive health policy we can expect” from Obama based on his record.

The real issue is, of course, whether Obama will be allowed to hide that record. Will he be permitted to get away with a few throwaway lines about “respecting women’s rights” and deny every example of the kind of pro-abortion militancy that has made him the heartthrob of CRR, Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and EMILY’s List?

In other words, will Lehrer lob batting practice softball questions to Obama (with equally squishy follow up queries) but throw 95 MPH fastballs at Romney’s head?

If Mr. Lehrer pitching arm is rusty, we can help him out. What do we know about Obama’s “reproductive health policy”? Here is a TINY sample.

Obama had barely moved into the White House when he issued a formal statement reaffirming his commitment to defending Roe v. Wade, stating that “this decision not only protects women’s health and reproductive freedom, but stands for a broader principle: That government should not intrude on our most private family matters.”

He opposes bans on partial-birth abortions and sex-selection abortions, positions far outside the mainstream of public opinion.

Did his level best to ensure that ObamaCare would require universal coverage of abortion. As passed, the legislation created a new program under which scores of millions of Americans will receive subsidies from the federal Treasury to purchase health plans, including health plans that cover all abortions—a sharp break from decades of federal policy. The health care law also contains multiple other provisions that empower the federal executive branch to expand subsidies for and access to abortion.

Through Obama’s rescission of the pro-life “Mexico City Policy” and other initiatives, promotion of access to abortion has become a substantial component of U.S. foreign policy. U.S. funds—your tax dollars–are flowing to many abortion-promoting entities overseas.

There is Obama’s utter disdain for rights of conscience and religious freedom. For example, in 2011, the Obama Administration nullified a Bush Administration rule to help protect health care providers who are threatened with penalties for refusing to participate in providing abortions. ObamaCare’s tentacles reached here. In 2012, the Obama Administration touched off a controversy that rages to this day by employing one provision of the ObamaCare law to issue a new mandate that most employer-sponsored health plans must pay for all FDA-approved methods of birth control, including both drugs and sterilization procedures.

That’s just for starters—and doesn’t even address his amazing opposition as a state Senator to bills to provide legal protection to babies who were born alive during abortions (see

So, we are with you on this one CRR. Indeed, let’s talk about not just “what kind of reproductive health policy” Mitt Romney would have as President but also evoke a “meaningful answer” about the “reproductive health policy” Obama has actively promoted for almost four years AS President.

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