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Pro-Life Ann Romney deftly handles “The View”

by | Oct 19, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-Life Ann Romney appeared on “The View”

It took me a couple of days to work up the courage to actually watch Ann Romney walk the gauntlet at “The View.” I should have had more faith.

From the moment Mrs. Romney walked on the set, she exuded confidence and clearly was not about to be browbeaten by the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, or Barbara Walters. (Walters was actually quite helpful.) She was gracious and sincere.

Naturally, Walters cut right to the chase: “women’s issues” and the fact that her husband, Mitt Romney, who is pro-life, had been “pro-choice” as governor of Massachusetts. Walters tried to get Ann Romney to answer whether her position had ever “changed,” to which Mrs. Romney responded, “The good news is, I’m not running for office and I don’t have to say what I feel. But I am pro-life. I’m happy to say that.”

She went on to say that abortion for many people is a “tender, tender issue,” and prefaced that by saying “The most important thing we can do is have respect for each other in this dialogue” and “understand that we are talking about two separate lives.”

Mrs. Romney then talked about how controversy over creating human life in order to lethally extract the embryo’s stem cells have been a turning point for her husband. “When a decision came across his desk to use embryos for experimentation, he could not have, on his conscience, created human life for experimentation,” she said.

Goldberg twice tried to lay traps for Mrs. Romney but she deftly avoided them, including one that was exceptionally cruel, not to mention inaccurate.

Mrs. Romney is acutely aware of the fragility of life. As NRL News Today wrote on the day before the Republican National Convention began, the Romneys gave an extraordinary interview to CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, an excerpt of which ran on “CBS this Morning.” In that excerpt ,which ran just a little over three minutes, Mrs. Romney revealed that she had experienced a miscarriage in her forties (;lst;2).

It was already known that Mrs. Romney had suffered one miscarriage. However she had not previously publicly talked about the second baby she’d lost.  Having gone through a particular operation a decade earlier, (Mrs. Romney has MS and has suffered from breast cancer), she said she was pretty much told she could never, ever have children again.

Referring to her youngest son, Craig, Mrs. Romney told Pelley, “You know, I [had] sort of told him, ‘I’m sorry, but that, you know, there’s no more children in our future.’ So, he was thrilled to death” when he was told about her pregnancy.

But in the middle of the night she sensed that she was losing the baby. She told her husband, “Mitt, you gotta take me to the hospital right now.” Before they left they told their sons, “Mommy is losing this baby.”

Mrs. Romney told Pelley

“I was home by the time [Craig] got home from school that afternoon. And he walked in the door, and he was about 10, 11 years old. And he fell on the floor and just burst into tears. And the poor little kid had been at school all day long holding this sorrow inside of him. And having no one to speak to, no one to comfort him, no one to explain what was going on.”

Romney consoled her son, saying that “‘You know, Craig, you know, you’re probably not going to have another little brother or little sister in your life, but you’ll have children of your own someday. And, you know, this little hole will be filled by that.’”

Craig “married a woman who had younger, much younger brothers,” Ann Romney continued.

“And when I saw Craig playing with those younger brothers, I thought to myself, ‘Isn’t life interesting. He got those little brothers. He had to just wait a while. And it was just a poignant moment for me to see how sometimes our sorrows can turn to joy.”

Pelley said he thought Mitt Romney looked surprised. “I hadn’t heard the story about Craig coming home from school that day and being so devastated,” Romney said. “I’m not surprised. He’s a very tender heart and is a wonderful father today himself.”

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