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Romney maintains a six point lead in Gallup, now has higher favorability ratings than Obama

by | Oct 19, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-life Mitt Romney

With polling data flying in by the hour, by the time you read this post, something else will have come down the pike. But as of Friday afternoon, pro-life Mitt Romney continues on a roll.

Among the many pieces of information, here are perhaps the three most important.

#1. Mr. Romney continues to enjoy a strong six point advantage over President Obama, 51% to 45% in Gallup’s seven day rolling average.

#2. Obama’s real firewall—his huge lead over Romney on the issue of favorability—has vanished. In March President Obama’s favorability rating was almost twice Mr. Romney’s–55% to 29%–according to the Pew Research Center. Now Pew has Romney AHEAD, 50%  to 49%–and the Daily Kos ( a big fan of Obama) also has Romney up one, 51% to 50%. This is a big deal.  Likewise, Gallup has Romney ahead, 52% to 51%.

#3. Rasmussen finds Gov. Romney two points ahead (49% to 47%) in the eleven “swing states.”

#4. One poll, but only one poll, shows Romney with a four point advantage in Pennsylvania.

With almost no exceptions, Mr. Romney has narrowed the gaps in all swing states in which he was trailing, including states like Wisconsin and Iowa once thought to be irretrievably lost.

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