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A Special Thank You!

by | Nov 8, 2012

By Jacki Ragan, Director,
State Organizational Development Department
National Right to Life Committee

What an absolutely wonderful grassroots pro-life movement we are blessed with.  National Right to Life sends its heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you and rest assured that your efforts paid off.  We may not have won the presidency but we do live on to continue working to save innocent lives and we will come back to fight another day.

When I hear people talk about no longer being able to have or count on volunteers or there is no real organization or leadership among volunteers/grassroots I want to tell them, “then you are not familiar with the wonderful grassroots of National Right to Life.” You are amazing and once again, you showed it in your efforts over these past weeks. 

Our chapters were front and center of the tremendous efforts that were made on behalf of pro-life candidates.  And every single effort you made helped to educate someone on the humanity of the unborn child. 

People in the right to life movement are a special group of folks.  Being involved in the pro-life movement is not a pass-time, a resume builder, or a social event.  It is a commitment from the heart for the unborn; it is a calling that is taken very seriously; it is having a heart for the babies and knowing that you are involved in a true and just cause, and, in working with National Right to Life, you know you are making a difference and saving lives. 

As you well know, our work is far from over.  We have many battles and much work in front of us until we can finally and legally protect unborn children.   But working together as a team, I know that we will win the necessary battles, accomplish the needed tasks and just keep on working until victory is finally ours and legal protection is in place for all innocent human life. 

We have exciting plans for the future and we want your chapter to be a part of them.   Thank you again for your tireless work on behalf of the unborn children.  Your efforts will not go unrewarded.

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