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Abortion and the 2012 elections

by | Nov 16, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Today is November 16, and we are ten days removed from a bitterly disappointing election. As someone who has been involved since the late 1970s, I hope it’d be okay if I offer a couple of reminders.

First, it never makes any sense (although completely understandable) to draw dramatic conclusions quickly. For example, pro-abortionists did well November 6, beginning at the top with the re-election of one of them: President Barack Obama. To minimize their success would be as foolish as to conclude they are now unbeatable. They are not.

They prevailed for a host of reasons we’ve discussed since a week ago Tuesday. But they did not re-elect Obama because the country, which has been trending pro-life for years, abruptly made a U-turn. They prevailed because of a tremendous targeted get out the vote effort, the President’s “permanent campaign” which worked from the day he was elected in 2008 to help him carry swing states, a stash of cash, critical mistakes by pro-life candidates, and a “poison the well” campaign that turned off Independents who favored Mitt Romney.

The cliché everyone is offering is that “elections matter.” And they do. Four more years of a pro-abortion radical in the White House and an even more hostile Senate.

But elections come and elections go. Principles don’t. They are immutable.

The cause of defenseless unborn children is preeminent for tens of millions of Americans. Those of you reading this post are among the strongest adherents of our Movement, those who most faithfully persevere when times are tough. The seeming paradox is that your unwavering support will only grow stronger now that President Obama has been returned to the White House.

Obviously, we would have greatly desired the election of a pro-life President and a pro-life Senate; thankfully, we retained a pro-life House of Representatives. However for all the reasons mentioned above—and more—that was not to be.

But having met many of you, having worked with even more, I know there is no quit in the men and women who make up the greatest movement for social justice of our time.

Thank you for all you did, all you are doing, and all you will do for unborn children.

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