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Commentator says on MSNBC that Pro-lifers oppose abortion to “build up the race”

by | Nov 14, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

As if we needed to be reminded, in this election cycle pro-abortionists not only took off the gloves as usual but before doing used the thumb to poke pro-life candidates in the eye. There was nothing that was too harsh, too condemnatory, or too beyond the pale.

So, I supposed we shouldn’t have been surprised that Nancy Giles, a contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning Show, should appear on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Show  on Saturday to attribute racism to pro-lifers. (A tip of the hat to Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard for the following transcription.)

“Host Harris-Perry was discussing with her guests the results of Tuesday’s election by demographic group. When she got her chance to comment, Giles said, ‘It’s been weird to watch white people report on this. You know when you just showed that graph of the decline in the numbers , I thought, Maybe that’s why they’re trying to eliminate all these abortions and stuff. They’re trying to build up the race.’”

But as readers of NRL News Today already know, this completely misunderstands which demographic group it is that is having a disproportionate numbers of abortions: African-American women who have 33.5 abortions per 1,000 women of childbearing age, according  to a data set from the CDC’s 2008 Abortion Surveillance report. That is almost four times the rate for non-Hispanic white women: 8.7 abortions per 1,000 women of child-bearing age.
If pro-lifers were trying to “build up the white race,” we would welcome these losses.

I guess this proves yet again that when it comes to pro-lifers there are no slurs left unhurled.

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