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Japanese company offers 3-D model of unborn child

by | Nov 28, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

First there were ill-defined black and white ultrasounds (I couldn’t make out a single detail of our developing first child), followed by ultrasounds with increasing clarity, followed by color, and then culminating with ultrasounds in “real-time”– a moving video display.

Now, thanks to the work of a Japanese engineering company and a medical clinic, there is what FASOTEC calls the “Shape of an Angel” (Tenshi no Katachi )—a 3Dimensional model of your unborn child using 3D-printing technology.

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The process is similar to an ultrasound, but in this case they use MRI scans. The MRI data is converted into a 3D image using a technology called Bio-Texture modeling.


“A 3D printer builds up the three-dimensional image using two different resins [simultaneously] that produce two different colors.” The result “is a scale reproduction of your unborn baby, composed of an opaque white fetus encased in the mother’s clear, colorless abdomen.”

I just learned about the “Shape of an Angel,” but apparently it’s been on the market since late July. As a new technology it’s both pricey—roughly $1,200—and they are still working on image resolution. A less expensive option—a 3D model of the baby’s face—will be available next month at about half the price.

You can watch a fascinating video explaining the creation of the model at

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