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Reasons to be Thankful

by | Nov 21, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Emma Andrusko

Two weeks ago today, groggy pro-lifers around the nation were just beginning to grapple with the most unwelcomed re-election of President Barack Obama and what that portends for the future. With the most aggressively pro-abortion President ever now firmly ensconced at the control of the government levers for four more years, is there anything to be thankful for as we approach Thanksgiving? More than you might think—indeed, a great deal more.

Indeed, no sooner had I written the first paragraph when I read an Associated Press story reporting that both the number and rate of abortions fell 5% in 2009, the most recent statistics available from most states, according to the Centers for Disease Control. If that is not cause for rejoicing, what would be?

Our expert on abortion statistics, Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, will be back Monday, which will be the next day National Right to Life News Today publishes. And he will go through the CDC numbers with a fine-tooth comb, showing its strengths and weaknesses.

And while a 5% decline is terrific news, tucked away at the very, very end of the AP story is a sober reminder of a dark truth pro-abortionists do everything possible to hide: “The CDC identified 12 abortion-related deaths in 2009.”  Commonsense tells you that may well be the tip of the iceberg.

What else do we have to be grateful for on the eve of Thanksgiving? If you are fortunate, like me, you have a loving support system. In my case, a wonderful wife, four successful children, a beautiful daughter in law, and a precious granddaughter. Each day I give thanks for all of them by name.

Likewise I give thanks for you, also on a daily basis. You don’t have to be an employee of National Right to Life to be just as important—in many ways more important—than anyone of us privileged to work for an organization that pro-life champion Rep. Chris Smith calls “the flagship, the largest and most effective action oriented voice” of our Movement.  You make all that we do possible—with your grassroots activism, your prayers (which we cherish), and your contributions of money, energy, and faithfulness.

In every sense of the word we are partners in defense of life.

When you get clobbered, as we did November 6, you can make excuses, offer rationalizations, or you can address the facts, coolly and objectively. That’s what we’ve done every day since that dreadful Tuesday.

And that candid assessment tell us that Mitt Romney lost not because he was pro-life or because you did not do everything humanly possible to carry him over the finish line. And that is cause for encouragement because there are no cracks in our foundation, making an electoral comeback much, much easier.

Please remember that what we did in 2012 will strength our Movement in the months and years to come. And you can be sure that National Right to Life, as the Flagship, will move in a fashion that best advances the cause of unborn children—just we have for over four decades. Nothing will be wasted.

A final thought on the day before Thanksgiving. There will always be those for whom the plight of unborn babies is a marginally important concern. Those will be the fair weather “friends” who will always look for scapegoats when times are tough, having persuaded themselves that selling out unborn babies is a recipe for electoral success, a mixture of expediency and panic.

For you, abortion is the preeminent social justice issue of our time, a cause you could no more abandon than voluntarily cease to breathe. It gives me great pleasure to know I work alongside people who are capable of staring defeat in the face—and then moving ahead to reclaim lost ground.

There is one other crucially important reason we can enjoy a happy and joyous Thanksgiving: you and I are privileged to live in the greatest country on earth, made more special by its amazing recuperative powers.

When as a nation we fall short—as we have and will again—it is the grandeur of our experience that a band of brothers and sisters will come together to patiently tug at the sleeve of our conscience until the day comes when we say, “How COULD we have done that?” In the case of unborn babies, that band of brothers and sisters is you.

When you look at what we stand for, for all the unpleasantness of November 6, the long term prospects are enormously positive because our cause is just and its banner is held high by truly wonderful, caring, never-say-die people like you.

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