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Romney, Not Obama, is Best Choice for Latinos

by | Nov 1, 2012

By Rai Rojas, NRLC Latino Outreach Director

Editor’s note. The following is from a posting on Mr. Rojas’ blog.

Rachel Campos-Duffy

It is an unimaginable travesty that because of policies joyfully celebrated by Barack Obama, the most dangerous place for a Latina in these United States has become her mother’s womb.

That is not an opinion, it isn’t hyperbole, nor is it a judgment call – it is a fact.  Each year abortion kills more Hispanic babies than car accidents, homicides, and suicide combined and it’s intentional.  Consider that 79% of Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics target African Americans and Hispanics and that Planned Parenthood performs an abortion every 90 seconds of every day and the numbers become staggering.

The toll grows even higher when you add the number of abortions performed by independent abortion clinics that continue to target minority neighborhoods with impunity.  In sum, nearly 700 Latino babies are being butchered, poisoned and dismembered every day in the United States.  And yet these clearly racist abortion policies are the bread-and-butter politics of the Democratic Party and their surrogates pandering to Hispanics– like Eva Longoria.

Longoria is a non-Spanish speaking “Latino activist” who wants desperately to be seen as representing a community she couldn’t possibly be less a part of.  In her capacity as an agent of the Obama campaign, her activism includes shilling for the lucrative abortion industry that threatens Latinos at every level, and many have taken notice.

Rachel Campos-Duffy, wife of pro-life Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, wrote an excellent op-ed about Longoria’s disconnect with real Latinas on the issue of abortion that appeared on NBC Latino []..  In the comment section of her post Mrs. Duffy was excoriated for her article by Democrat elitists…

They have locked stepped with the generational racists who come into our communities (I live in the barrio) and see Hispanic kids in distress and resolve that the only answer to the problem is fewer brown people.  These elitists need to come walk my streets, see the desperation that comes from not finding work, or the realization that Obama only promises more of what we ran to this country to escape. Even worse they must come witness the pain in a young mother’s eyes that comes from the devastating understanding that she was wrongly coerced into believing that having had an abortion was best for her family.  Those are the Latino realities this administration won’t see.

For three and half years Obama seemed to forget that we even existed. Worse, he trampled and ran roughshod over our religious liberties, forcing ObamaCare down our throats without thought of how disproportionately and greatly damaging the impact on Hispanics would be. …

Eduardo Verastegui

Enter Eduardo Verastegui.

Mexican-born Verastegui, 38, became famous singing in the popular Latino band “KAIRO” and as a popular and much sought after star of Latin Americantelenovelas.  As many of us in the pro-life movement know, Eduardo starred in the 2006 Toronto Film Festival People’s Choice Award winning film “Bella.” Most recently he also starred in the film “For Greater Glory,”  a highly acclaimed movie chronicling the Cristeros War [which took place in Mexico in the early twentieth century].

Of the President, Verastegui has said, “Barack Obama does not share our traditional Latino values,” and as a result, Eduardo has produced several abortion specific videos that aim to educate Latinos on the horror of abortion and how it relates to Obama’s extremist pro-abortion policies.  Because as he stated, “I want people to know the truth about Obama,” he has recently produced and recorded new 60-second audio and video spots in the hopes of reaching as many Hispanics as possible.

In the minute long clips Verastegui explains Obama’s pro-abortion positions, including the President’s support for late-term abortion, tax funding for abortion, and his opposition to parental notification when pregnant minors seek abortions.  He also makes clear that Obama has opposed protection for babies who survive an abortion.

Moreover, Verastegui realized Obama’s pro-abortion stance would affect the very survival of his Hispanic community.  Now, Verastegui is working to save moms, babies and families from abortion.  He hopes the media and the public will watch and share these new English and Spanish TV and Radio spots with Latinos in the United States.

At every opportunity an effort must be made to educate even one Latino voter of the horrible consequences of Barack Obama’s pro-abortion policies, and Eduardo’s clips (which are found here in English [], and here in Spanish [] are a way of doing just that.  Repost them at will on all your social media. 

If using Twitter the popular #Latism and #Latinos hashtags will ensure wide dissemination.  Use them in response to any comment made by pro-Obama Latinos, or as a constant reminder on Latinos For Obama FaceBook posts.

Help educate as many Latinos as possible during the last few days and hours of this campaign through social media so that we can begin to restore safety in the wombs of all mothers of every race.

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