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Still Have Undecided Pro-Life Friends This Election? Click on the Link to Your State and See Which Candidates Support Your Pro-Life Values

by | Nov 5, 2012

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director

Do you know which candidates will use their elected positions to protect the lives of innocent unborn babies and vulnerable citizens?  Do you have friends and family who do not realize the impact an election can have on our daily lives – especially on the lives of those yet unborn?  Do you care enough to share information that could make the difference in this historic election?

The National Right to Life Political Action Committee website contains endorsement lists, downloadable U.S. Senate candidate comparisons, a link for on-line voter registration, information about the National Right to Life Advantage (for pro-life candidates), and more.

Senate Candidate Comparison Handouts are Available Online

We do not publish our candidate questionnaires, however, in the close Senate races, we post downloadable pdfs of the candidate comparisons which can be printed and shared:

For instance, if you click on “Ohio,” you will see an 8½ by 11 downloadable pdf comparison of the Senate candidates in Ohio (see screen image below).  You can print it and share it, or you can copy the link and paste the link in your email, or post it as your status on Facebook.  Encourage your pro-life friends and family to share with their friends.

Following are simple downloadable links that you can share over social media (copy and paste the links), or download and print to share.  Click here to find comparisons for Senate races in the following states:











New Mexico

North Dakota







There are downloadable pdfs of the National Right to Life endorsed candidates from across the nation here, simply click on this link, then choose your state.

In addition, there are many downloadable documents including the one-page Presidential Record on Life: (click on President Obama’s photo);

a comparison of the presidential candidates on life: ;and

the National Right to Life Advantage:

You can find other helpful voter information:

a list of senate races:

a link for voter registration:

Six Ways to Defeat a Pro-Life Candidate: and

a link to the best daily pro-life news ever:

Following are links to additional helpful National Right to Life websites and social media:

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