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Surprise, surprise: study by pro-abortionists find benign results from increased use of “webcam” abortions

by | Nov 16, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Jill June, CEO, Planned Parenthood of the Heartland

I just learned about a study that appeared in the American Journal of Public Health yesterday (courtesy of a story in the Des Moines Register) which purports to find that the presence of “web-cam” abortions in Iowa did not increase the overall number of abortions in the Hawkeye State. Hopefully by Monday I will be able to obtain the study and comb through it carefully.

When these studies just happen to work out “win-win” for pro-abortionists–in this case  Planned Parenthood of the Heartland–your antenna needs to go up.

For example, according to the Register’s summary of the study (a) the abortion rate went down; (b) “At the same time, Planned Parenthood reported a slight increase in abortions performed as more women opted for the new procedure, said Daniel Grossman, the study’s co-author”; and (c) “Proponents say the system is safe and legal, and provides access to abortions in rural areas where no other doctors offer them. Proponents also note the procedure is part of a larger trend of increased remote treatments in all medical fields.”

Now, PP of the Heartland is among THE most aggressive Planned Parenthood affiliates, as we have written about many, many times. They are the probe the Abortion Industry sends out, looking for new sources of revenues. In this instance, it is women in rural areas. (PP of the Heartland is also a key player in consolidation, leading to larger and larger mega-clinics.)

If there has been a decrease in the abortion rate, that would be no thanks to Planned Parenthood. It would be part of a larger trend in which more women are choosing life. And while possible, it is highly unlikely that the number of abortions could go up in rural areas but down in urban areas.

Also, as the above quote indicates, Planned Parenthood likes to fly its remote-control, web-camera abortion technique under the banner of “telemedicine.” “Medicine,” tele, or otherwise? Hardly.

PP of the Heartland is on the cutting edge of webcam abortions, which is a quadruple whammy. The abortionist who could be hundreds of miles away from the mother, dispensing powerful abortifacients via video conference, making a mockery of the intent of telemedicine.

Unborn babies are killed using a powerful two-drug abortion technique in a setting where the “doctor” (the abortionist) can do nothing should something gone wrong. And at least 14 women have died after taking RU486.

And, of course, in the process PP of the Heartland’s bottom line has been fattened. As Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s Education Director explained last year, “With the web-cam abortion, PPH has been able to significantly increase the number of abortions it performs, going from 2,898 abortions in 2000 to 4,492 in 2008, an increase of 55% , with chemical abortions (2,582) now exceeding surgical abortions (2,210) at PPH.   At $300 to $800 a piece, that also represents a considerable increase in affiliate revenues as well (estimated total abortion income $1.34 -$3.6 million).”

As I say I hope to access the study over the weekend and discuss it more fully on Monday. But the bottom line is chemical abortifacients fatten the bottom line of the abortion industry, expose women to new risks, and inevitably will increase the number of abortions by accessing “underserved populations.”

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