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The bizarre background to “Daughters for Obama”

by | Nov 7, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

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Although the creator of “Daughters for Obama” describes the video as her “political contribution to the Obama campaign,” talking about this revolting video is still relevant a day after Election Day. (See

It’s only 48 seconds long, but that’s more than enough time for you to ask yourself what kind of parent would allow her daughter to participate in such idiocy.


The “plot,” as it were, is a multiracial set of girls who one by one explain to their mothers why they must, must, must vote for Barack Obama. Here is much of the dialogue:

“Mom, I can’t vote yet. But you can. So when you go into the voting booth, please think about me,” the girls (who range in age) say. “Me, me, your daughter. ..Think like the mother, like the mother of a daughter, your daughter.

“And please, please, please, vote for President Obama. Otherwise your vote is a vote against me. Mom, make the right choice, so when I grow up [slight pause], I can still have one.”

Thus the ending shot is no surprise: white text on a black background, “Make the right choice, while you still can.” It was sooooo well done that the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (PPFA’s political arm) touted its merits and linked it in a tweet.

The Daily Caller’s Caroline May interviewed Debra Kent, described as a novelist and a former ‘Sex and the City’ co-producer. Kent tells May about her labor of love.

Amazing, isn’t it? Mothers allow their girls to propagandize the bizarre idea that their moms ought to vote like crazy so the future mothers (themselves) will be able to abort future children who, unlike themselves ,will not be fortunate enough to make it out the womb alive. “Mommy, please vote for Obama so I can abort your grandchild.”

The really intriguing part is that, according to May,

“Kent’s description on the YouTube video adds that her pro-choice passion stems from her grandmother’s experience giving birth over age 50 to a daughter with Down Syndrome because it was illegal for her to have an abortion. The child’s eventual death ‘devastated’ he grandmother, she said.

“’Because when Felice was 6, she died of Leukemia,’ she wrote. ‘Her death devastated my grandmother, who was heartbroken and never fully the same. This is the kind of situation we’re facing if we elect government officials who are pro-life.’”

Is it not fair to conclude that her grandmother had grown to love the baby—Felice– she couldn’t abort? And that Kent is angry because Felice (her aunt?) was born with Down syndrome only to subsequently die of Leukemia?

What is the source of her rage? That Felice was imperfect? That her grandmother (in some way known only to Kent) was “forced” to love the child she couldn’t kill?

Isn’t dying of a childhood illness part of the human condition and hardly a rationalization to avoid sadness in the first place by killing the child in the womb (as if her grandmother would have felt no regret at having the abortion?).

All very strange, and very, very sad.

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