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The time is NOW to use your social networks to pass along National Right to Life News Today election-related stories

by | Nov 1, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

With just six days to go until election day 2012, it is more important than ever that you are sharing stories from National Right to Life News using your social network outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook. The impact could be more than you could possibly imagine.

If, like me, you are a non-stop user of Facebook and Twitter, you already know that all that’s needed is to plug in the URL for the story and all your friends and contacts can read the story by merely clicking on the hyperlink.

For example, NRLC President Carol Tobias wrote a very well received post yesterday  titled “7 Days to go: Keep on Keeping On.” To make it available to your social network contacts, you just need to past the following URL in–

Or  “Polling trends continue favorable for pro-life Mitt Romney” at

Or, to take just one more example, “Tools for pro-life voters: Look (and share)” at

But not everyone knows how easy this is to do and how many people will receive a message they would otherwise miss. And it is to fill in that information gap that this post was written.

Final word of encouragement: The readership for NRL News Today is growing, thanks to you and thanks to the fact that our stories are carried by Google News. But consider:

If you have 500 “friends” on Facebook or 500 “followers” on Twitter, having pasted in the hyperlink to a NRL News Today story, it means all of those people have a chance to read the story, and, in turn, make the story [or stories] available to all their friends and followers.

It gives a whole new meaning to the “multiplier” effect: your one action potentially has an incredible impact because of the nature of the Internet.

Time is short. Please make sure to send along the NRL News Today stories most directly related to the elections using your social networks.

How important is this and everything else you are doing? Let me close from the latest President’s Column that appears in the most recent National Right to Life News. Carol Tobias wrote

“I recently heard a friend say that, even though the election is November 6, the most important day for him will be November 7. He wants to wake up, the day after the election, knowing that he did absolutely everything he could to affect the outcome. He doesn’t want to have regrets, thinking and wishing that he had done more.

“How about you? Regardless of the outcome, I hope and pray that none of us wakes up thinking we could have done more.”

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