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Who would care? We would!

by | Nov 26, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

E.J. Graff

This post is by way of an introduction to “Why the ‘What If I hadn’t been born’ question so annoys pro-choicers.” In that post I look at the remarkably effective response by Rachael Larimore to various pro-abortion laments that she just doesn’t get it. Get what? If you were aborted, you would never know it and besides “life” is lost all the time, so what’s the big deal?

Part of the back and forth on included a post on the American Prospect site by E.J. Graff. Her cavalier attitude is par for the course as is her snarky attitude. But let’s take three minutes to talk about some of the issues Larimore doesn’t address.

First, she honestly doesn’t know even the most elementary facts. For example, she pooh poohs Larimore’s absolutely spot-on definition of the developmental milestones a baby reaches by the time he/she is a “fetus.” She thinks the unborn becomes a fetus at twelve weeks; it’s at the ninth week.

But that would make no difference to her argument—the classic “sizeism” dodge: they’re all so small/underdeveloped/don’t look like a baby, etc., etc., etc! (See Larimore’s rebuttal on that.)

However, typical of the pro-abortion mind, Graff then proceeds to mix and match categories, a hodgepodge of nonsensical gibberish about “potential life” ;whether a  “possible life must become an actual one”; if she’d been aborted, what difference would it have made? –“So what if I hadn’t been born? Who would notice?” The next kid would have been the apple of grandpa’s eye.

And, of course, that is among the most clear-cut lines of demarcation between pro-lifers and pro-abortionists. There are SO many people, who’s going to miss, say, 1.2 million Americans who each year are denied the protection of the law? Certainly not them.

If someone murders a four-month-old, would she “know” she no longer exists? In the absence of the self-awareness, would that justify taking a 2” by 4” and clobbering her to death? Ought the rest of us be indifferent? (There are SO many four year olds.) What about the older citizen who suffers from dementia?

Oh, Graff might say, they are not “hidden,” like the unborn child, or are at least not as small.

Just one other item. I know nothing about Larimore’s faith journey other than that she says, according to Graff, that she is not religious. But to the Graffs of this world, even in the absence of ANY language that is specifically religious, it is still a dangerous intrusion of something that is not 100% secular. As she writes

“And legislating others’ behavior based on a spiritual belief (and while Larimore says she’s not religious, her justification is still a belief) strikes me as theocratic, even totalitarian.”

Huh? Larimore’s views are not religious, but sort of spiritual once removed (a “belief”). But, not to worry it’s all of a piece. Enter theocracies and totalitarian regimes.

Of course Larimore’s explanation for why she believes as she does is no more “spiritual/belief” than Graff’s go-for-the- throat justification of abortion at any stage. Graff’s argument says virtually nothing (accurate) about Larimore but speaks volumes where she is coming from.

If you have a chance, please read  “Why the ‘What If I hadn’t been born’ question so annoys pro-choicers.”

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