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Why won’t those pro-lifers give up?

by | Nov 30, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

I know I shouldn’t smile, but I can’t help it. The pro-abortionist extremists seem genuinely surprised that pro-lifers in a number of states are already at work “continuing to fight the same battles, in some cases putting women’s access at risk” (as one put it), or, as the sub-headline to another story reads, “Bruised but not beaten, the movement plans to take it to the states and get more media-savvy.”

Didn’t they (we) get the message on November 6? Our cause was repudiated, these pro-abortion writers sneeringly maintain, so what pro-lifers are doing personifies Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

But (1) what our Movement stands for was not in the least repudiated in the last elections; and (2) what pro-lifers expect is not different results but the SAME results: legislative victory.

Electorally, the power of the issue was neutralized not because the public suddenly decided they liked the NARAL, PPFA, EMILY’s List agenda  but because (as NRLC Executive Director Dr. David N. O’Steen wrote) “at the critical time of the election the pro-abortion side and their media allies succeeded in focusing the abortion issue on the single most difficult aspect of it for the pro-life side with enough voters to wipe out the usual pro-life advantage”: rape.

When it comes to state legislation pro-abortionists pretend that any pro-life measure by definition must be outside the pale, even (especially!) those that protect women and unborn babies capable of experiencing pain.

Pro-abortionist are desperate to make sure that the rush to deadly judgment that is driven by fear and panic and a sense of abandonment never need brake for reflection. And who cares if in webcam abortions the abortionist is hundreds of miles away from where the mother is ingesting powerful abortifacients. After all, so what if chemical abortions have been associated with 19 deaths and  2,200 “Adverse Events”?

If it’s true that the louder they complain the more effective the initiative, then websites operated by states that tell women about abortion and inform them about what is available to help them when they give birth are obviously a sore spot for pro-abortionists. Every piece of information is “patronizing” and “biased,” we’re told.

Well, take a minute to go to the state of Kansas’ website [] or Arizona’s. What unnerves pro-abortionists is that women contemplating abortion will see that abortion is not the “safe, simple” procedure it’s billed as AND that the consequences can extend far into the future.

And that isn’t bad enough, at, the woman will see a scientifically accurate description of prenatal development which accompanies a breathtaking day-by-day view inside the womb. An example of what one pro-abortionist labels “the essential cruelty and misogyny of the anti-choice position” or the perfect example of making the mother’s consent genuinely informed?

More on Monday. Have a great weekend!

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