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“40 years of Roe v Wade: 40 Days of Prayer & Reflection”

by | Dec 11, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

As we are reminded incessantly, there are (including today) 14 more shopping days until we celebrate Christmas. Far less noticed, of course, is that in 43 days we will commemorative the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the commencement of a blood bath that has already claimed the lives of over 55 million defenseless unborn children.

There is something deeply symbolic in January 22, 2013, which I had missed until it was pointed out to me today. In Exodus 20:13, we are commanded, “Thou shall not kill.” If only….

If you have not ordered your copies of National Right to Life News’ Special 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition, please do so immediately. For convenience sake, you can call 202-626-8828.

As we get closer to the anniversary of this judicial abomination, there will appear more and more material related to Roe v. Wade (and its companion case, Doe v. Bolton). I will do my best to alert you to the best examples; likewise, please alert me so I can share the resource with our NRL News Today readers.

Right from the instant I was made aware of it,  I’ve been very impressed by “40 years of Roe v Wade: 40 Days of Prayer & Reflection” from the Nebraska Catholic Conference. Each day, beginning tomorrow, combines a question—beginning with “What is Roe v. Wade?”—followed by “Prayer Intention for Today.”

This format, which is largely a series of rhetorical questions to elicit additional information, works beautifully. You can learn an awful lot about abortion in general, subsequent abortion jurisprudence, Roe’s impact on society as a whole, how the deadly ethos undergirding abortion has metastasized and spread to threaten other vulnerable populations, the reasons why abortions are performed, culminating with first-hand accounts of women who deeply regret their abortions.

A terrific resource which I highly recommend. You can find 40 years of Roe v Wade: 40 Days of Prayer & Reflection” at

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