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German Poll: Dead Better Than Dependent

by | Dec 17, 2012

By Wesley J. Smith

Wesley J. Smith

This is a very bad sign of the times. A German poll finds that a majority would rather commit assisted suicide than be dependent for care. From the German Herald story:

“Health officials have revealed shock poll results that show a majority of people would rather commit suicide than go into a care home in their old age. The study – carried out by a foundation for the terminally ill in Germany – recorded that 51 per cent of women and 49 per cent of men would prefer an assisted death to relying on others for their care.”

Caring for others is a noble and loving part of the human condition.  But it needs people willing to be graciously cared for.

Also, call me a cynic but I worry that there is a disturbing corollary to this story: Could it be that people would rather that dependent family members die than care for them?  Perhaps that’s why elderly people so often say they don’t want to be “burdens.” They know that others feel the same way about them.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s excellent blog.

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