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Is anything not an “affront” to the New York Times editorial page?

by | Dec 28, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. Literally as we about to post this story, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed HB5711.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder

Headlined, “An Affront to Michigan Women,” yesterday’s New York Times editorial would better be titled, “An affront to anyone not militantly pro-abortion.”

The object of their scorn is HB5711. The bill is currently on Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk and, of course, the editorial page is insisting Snyder veto the measure. Let it be noted that the bill is as commonsensical, middle of the road bill as you could ask for

To begin with the Times is up in arms that abortion clinics [gasp!] be regulated. But as Rebecca Mastee, a policy advocate with the Michigan Catholic Conference, explained in an op-ed only 4 of 32 abortion clinics are currently licensed as surgical facilities. “As such, the other 28 clinics are not licensed and are rarely, if ever, inspected for basic standards related to cleanliness and a safe, sterile environment.”

This is an affront? Requiring the same standard tattoo parlors must meet: being inspected?

The Times is equally chagrined that under HB5711, the abortionist cannot prescribe and dispense (via an Internet webcam connection) the powerful RU-486 abortion pills. “In other contexts, Mr. Snyder has voiced support for expanding the use of telemedicine to improve access to health care,” the Times editorial page correctly observes.

But “other contexts” are medicine properly practiced: to preserve and enhance life, not take it. You can’t know, of course, but when observers like the Times editorial page make just a lame comparison (it’s like saying a nuclear power plant and a nuclear bomb are the same because both involve chain reactions), you have to wonder if they are that dense or that ideological.

Let it be known that the Times does not talk about a couple of other provisions: abortion clinics must screen women to determine if they are being coerced into the abortion; and HB5711 makes it a crime and establishes penalties for those who coerce women into an abortion.

Maybe they ran out of space or maybe they were just nervous about being on the side of coerced abortions.

Here’s hoping Gov. Snyder signs HB5711 quickly.

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