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Overwhelming support for legislation to license and inspect Michigan abortion clinics

by | Dec 4, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

Rebecca Mastee, Policy Advocate for the Michigan Catholic Conference

The usual suspects combine outrage with a sense of bewilderment when they complain that pro-lifers haven’t been chastised by the results of the last election. Don’t they know they’ve been “repudiated”?

Actually, what pro-lifers know is that there are many state legislatures with pro-life majorities offering legislation the public approves of. Take abortion clinic licensing and inspection, which, to hear pro-abortionist complain, is a solution in search of a problem. (Apparently no one has ever told them about abortionists like Kermit Gosnell, who goes on trial next year.)

On Monday the Michigan Catholic Conference released the results of a poll it commissioned. “According to a statewide survey conducted by Lansing-based Marketing Resource Group, 85 percent of all respondents, including 76 percent of self-identified Democrat pro-choice women, support the abortion clinic licensing and inspecting policy.”

Amazing as it is to believe, only four of the 32 abortion clinics in Michigan are licensed, which means the other 28 are rarely, if ever inspected by state officials for basic health and safety requirements.  (Bear in mind tattoo parlors must be licensed!) Licensing and inspecting abortion clinics is included in HB 5711 which could soon be addressed by the full Senate during the legislative “lame-duck” session.

According to the Michigan Catholic Conference, “House Bill 5711 passed the Michigan House of Representatives 70-39 on June 13 with bipartisan support and moved out of the Senate Judiciary Committee in August. The bill currently awaits action by the full Senate. HB 5711 rolls several bills, many of which have already been addressed either by the House, Senate or both, into one pro-life “omnibus” bill, and address the following areas of concern:

· Change the standard for when an abortion facility must be licensed as an outpatient surgical facility, which would license and inspect 28 of the 32 abortion clinics that remain unlicensed,

· Prohibit the prescription of an abortion pill via web camera,

· Prescribe humane disposition of fetal remains from abortions, and

”Regardless of ideology or demographic—Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, pro-life or pro-abortion rights—there is broad support for requiring every abortion clinic in Michigan to be both licensed and inspected to ensure the health of safety of women who regrettably choose the path of abortion,” said Rebecca Mastee, Policy Advocate for the Michigan Catholic Conference. “What’s most telling about this polling is that more than three quarters of women, including those who are Democrat and those who are pro-choice, as well as those ‘in between’ on the abortion question, overwhelmingly support the measure.”

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