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The Persistence and Ingenuity of the Canadian Pro-Life Movement

by | Dec 7, 2012

By Dave Andrusko

MP Mark Warawa

Yesterday NRL News Today provided the latest update on Canada’s resurgent Pro-Life Movement. In essence, Conservative MP Mark Warawa was asking for the bare minimum of any civilized society when he said that even pro-abortionists ought to agree with the thrust of “Motion 408” which calls on Parliament to condemn discrimination against females occurring because of sex-selective abortions.

“The issue of female gendercide is being discussed openly across Canada and internationally,” Warawa said at a Wednesday press conference. “We are calling on all Canadians to work together to end violence against women and girls, to send a message of acceptance that women are valued in Canada and to stop this discrimination, protect girls and support M-408.”

Well, of course, hard-core pro-abortionists were and are unwillingly to give an inch. Every initiative, no matter how modest, is an all-out assault on the “right” to abortion. Indeed pro-lifers are ordered to “go away.”

A perfect illustration was a recent editorial that appeared in the Vancouver newspaper, The Province, “The abortion debate is over, so shut up.”

This “very bluntly expresses pro-choice wishful thinking on their part,” wrote Margaret Somerville, director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law. ”This debate is not going away. It’s gaining strength.”

In her own response to The Province, Somerville offered several key insights. Remember, Canada has NO law on abortion and, moreover, the unborn child does not qualify as a ‘human being’ until birth.

While ardent pro-abortionists are fine with that, most Canadians, even many who self-identify as “pro-choice,” see room for what Somerville calls “common ground.” She writes

“Polls show that a majority of Canadians agree there should be some legal restrictions on abortion, whether on certain grounds such as sex selection (in one poll, 92 percent of Canadians agreed with prohibiting sex selection abortion, except for medical reasons), or after a certain period of gestation, ranging from 12 weeks to, at the latest, viability of the fetus, which the Canadian Medical Association guidelines set at 20 weeks gestation.”

While pro-lifers fervently desire to protect all unborn children, “Many pro-life advocates now recognize, however, that a total prohibition is not achievable, that the virtue of prudence requires them to implement the protection that is presently feasible, and protecting some unborn children is better than protecting none. Consequently, they would welcome some legal restrictions on abortion short of a complete prohibition. They rightly argue that government has an essential role to play in restricting certain activities, whereby unborn children’s human rights are violated.”

Pro-lifers in Canada, obviously, find themselves at the bottom of the mountain, with a long, long uphill climb. But that very difficult situation has spurred them to force the Canadian public to ask itself the basic question: is abortion on demand for any reason or no reason throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy what you want?