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“40 years of Roe v Wade: 40 Days of Prayer & Reflection,” an update

by | Jan 3, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

DailyRoeFactsCoverreWe’ve written a couple of times about an outstanding pro-life resource: “40 years of Roe v Wade: 40 Days of Prayer & Reflection,” provided by the Nebraska Catholic Conference which began December 12 and ends January 22. “40 Years” combines a substantive question each day about abortion followed by “Prayer Intention for Today.” As we approach the 40th commemoration of Roe, I’ll be talking about other helpful entries.

For example, for today, January 3, and tomorrow, the series takes on two additional myths.

Myth #1—“That most abortions are done before fetal organs are functioning.” The truth is that “Actually, the vast majority [of abortions] are done after the fetal heart has begun beating. A fetal heart begins to beat at about 21 or 22 days after fertilization. That’s at about 3 weeks of development. 77% of abortions in the United States are done well after this point.”

Myth #2 is that “U.S. abortion law has not encouraged the use of abortion as a method of birth control.” The fact is “Nearly half of all abortions are performed on women who have already had at least one. Today, 48% of women having an abortion in the United States have had at least one previous abortion. In some states the rate of repeat abortions is much higher. In Maryland, for example, 71.4% of those having an abortion have already had at least one. And 16.4% have at least three prior abortions.”

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