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“An Amazing Moment”: Unborn baby grasps doctor’s hands during C-Section

by | Jan 4, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

FetalSurgery22The first image that just jumps into your mind is the famous “Hand of Hope” photo taken by Michael Clancy during the time surgeons were performing in utero surgery on Samuel Armas. The 1999 photo shows Samuel, who was not delivered for almost four more months, grasping the finger of the surgeon at Vanderbilt University!

Flash forward to nearly three months ago and the about-to-be born Nevaeh (that’s heaven spelled backwards). As Randy Atkins, husband to Alicia Atkins, told a reporter for a local Arizona television station, he was “just comforting her” as Mrs. Atkins was having a C-Section when the doctor “called me over. You got to get this! She grabbed the doctor’s hand…I was in shock.”

And it is an amazing photo which Mrs. Atkins posted on her Facebook account the day after Christmas.  Already there have been over 10,000 views and 1,000 “likes.”

“I can FINALLY share this!!!!” she wrote. “This was 10 weeks ago when I was having my C-section and Dr. Sawyer broke my water and my daughter reached up out of my stomach and grabbed the Dr.’s finger and my hubby caught this special moment.”

“It was such an amazing picture,” Randy Atkins told Channel 3, “adding that he was nervous about missing the precious and fleeting moment as he hurried to snap a picture.”

“[Hospital staff] had possibly heard of it happening but they had never seen a photo of it,” Mrs. Watkins explained.

Channel 3’s Jason Volentine reported that

“Surprisingly though, the couple was never originally going to show the photo to anyone outside their family and friends.

“’We didn’t think we were going to get such positive feedback.  We thought we would get more negative ‘that’s disgusting…’” Alicia said.  ‘[Instead] everybody just thought it was the best thing in the world.’”

On her Facebook page, an effusive Alicia Atkins, the mother of three,  praised her husband and her obstetrician. “Truly amazing. I am in awe of this photo. Something to remember forever.”

She added, “Thank you for helping me deliver 3 of the most amazing wonderful gifts I could ever ask for. A Couple of miracle children. You are truly an amazing Dr. and couldn’t ask for a better one. I had this printed for my OBGYN on a canvas.”

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