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Beyond parody: CRR’s “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby”

by | Jan 28, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Mehcad Brooks in  the repulsive "Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby" ad

Mehcad Brooks in the repulsive “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby” ad

If it wasn’t produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights in service of gathering signatures for an on-line abortion petition, I would be tempted to agree with many pro-lifers who asked of CRR’s “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby” ad: can this possibly be on the level? It must be a parody, right? Who on the pro-abortion side is so out to lunch as to think actor Mehcad Brooks’  creepy talk to his “baby” would sit well even with their crowd, let alone anyone else?

When the video begins, Brooks is seated in a comfortable chair in front of a fireplace, legs casually crossed, sipping wine (or something stronger) as he flirts with his “baby,” which turns out to be a stand in for Roe v. Wade. With a wink and a raised glass, he celebrates their history–all that they’ve been through together, how people are always trying to tear us apart, put limits on us, etc., etc., etc.

A couple of thoughts, beyond the obvious: these people do live on another planet.

I suppose it could be an accident that at one point Brook picks up the red rose that had been lying on the table next to him; it’s an “anniversary” he is celebrating, after all. But, of course, to many pro-lifers, the red rose is a symbol of our Movement. (“Take that, anti-choicers!”)

One commentator jumped on the grim—alright, sick—irony: “Was there some strange contest on the number of times you could say ‘baby’ in an ad celebrating abortion?” Tasteless would be the mildest description.

Another observer—probably someone roughly my age—spotted a similarity that hit me about 15 seconds in to the 1 minute, 43 second long video. “The soundtrack is like a third rate ripoff of the instrumentals for a Barry White album. Talk about a movement being stuck in the ’70′s . . .”

Actually, if you are of that age, in his demeanor Brooks in some ways resembles Baron Samedi,  the Voodoo King character from a 1973 James Bond movie (how’s this for irony?) “Live and Let Die.” This only adds to the ad’s overall repulsiveness.

Consider this for a second. African-American women have abortions in numbers wildly disproportionate to their percentage of the population. Black pro-lifers charge that their community has been deliberately targeted by the abortion industry.

So what does it say about a pro-abortion organization that it would stereotype an African-American man as seducer? (He winks so much you think he has a tic.)

That he is, as it were, wining and dining the backup for his behavior—legalized abortion?

Not much else to add except this. It is ever and always important to know your enemy. “Happy 40th Anniversary, Baby” tells you all you really need to know about the kind of creepy people who celebrate the deaths of 55 million unborn babies.

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