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Blood and water everywhere in Muskegon abortion clinic shut down by local authorities, Freedom of Information Act request reveals

by | Jan 8, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Robert Alexander's Women's Medical Services

Robert Alexander’s Women’s Medical Services

Illustrative, isn’t it? It took the Detroit Free Press until today to cover the apparent permanent closing of a Muskegon abortion clinic. Perhaps the cascade of stories showing that there were far more serious reasons local authorities shut down Robert Alexander’s Women’s Medical Services prodded this minimal attention, a short Associated Press story.

As you recall, in the first series of stories we learned that the Muskegon Fire Prevention Bureau closed down the abortion clinic for nine potential violations. Alexander brazenly responded by “seeking the community’s input on whether the clinic should be reopened,” according to Alexander also implied (without proof) that local pro-lifers were behind a broken rear door which caused him to call the police on December 26.

By yesterday, matters had taken a decidedly more serious turn.

Reporting in the Muskegon Chronicle, John S. Hausman starts his story with this lead:

“Police investigating a broken rear door at a Muskegon abortion clinic Dec. 26 reported unsanitary conditions throughout the clinic including used hypodermic needles in unsecured containers, ‘blood on the floor and walls in multiple locations’ as well as dripping from a sink trap in a patient room, and ‘uncovered buckets containing unknown fluids’ in the operating room.”

It gets worse. Hausman writes that documents released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request “included three previously unreleased violations” found in a letter sent to Alexander by Fire Marshal Major Metcalf, explaining the city’s cease and desist order. They are

· Improper disposal of syringes and needles.

· Unsterilized medical equipment

· “Dumping of chemicals and other liquids down drains without proper authorization and approvals.”

But it gets worse.  According to Hausman, here’s what the police report found:

“biohazard material and unsecured sharps throughout the building”

“multiple unsanitary medical instruments”

“blood on the floor and walls in multiple locations”

“uncovered buckets containing unknown fluids located in the operating room area”

“blood dripping from a sink p-trap in a room used by patients”

“multiple biohazard bags located on the floor and in closets”

“multiple unsecured containers containing used hypodermic needles”

“unsecured medications located throughout”

“All patient information was unsecured and scattered throughout the office portion of the business.”

“The ceiling tiles were rotten and water soaked due to a roof leak. There were buckets of water in multiple locations to catch the protruding water.”

But it gets worse yet. After the initial entry by patrol officers, a police detective reported seeing “dried bloody handprints on the ultrasound machine and smears and blood splatters on the walls and floors throughout the business,” Hausman reports.

In yesterday’s Muskegon Chronicle story, Hausman notes that Alexander “has declined to comment on its future, but Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis said last week that Alexander told city officials he wouldn’t try to reopen the facility.”

You can see 19 photos of the filthy abortion clinic.

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