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Muskegon, Michigan abortion clinic will not reopen

by | Jan 4, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Women's Medical Services

Women’s Medical Services

Do you remember on Wednesday how NRL News Today wrote about abortionist Robert Alexander? His Women’s Medical Services abortion clinic  had been shut down by an order of the city of Muskegon’s Fire Prevention Bureau for nine potential violations and he was supposedly “seeking the community’s input on whether the clinic should be reopened,” according to

24 Hour News 8 reported last night that lo and behold Alexander was not going to reopen his abortion clinic and that there were, in fact, 11 potential fire and health-related violations, according to Muskegon Public Safety Director Jeffrey Lewis.

“There was a leaking roof, poor housekeeping resulting in a large fire load, several containers of hazardous material that was not stored in the proper cabinets and wasn’t labeled properly, combustible materials stored near an ignition source,” he said,

“There was also no key box to allow fire department access to the building, the electrical panel and furnace blocked by stored materials and exit signs not properly lit and not functioning,” according to 24 Hour News 8.

While refusing to disclose the remaining four findings, Lewis did tell 24 Hour News 8, “We felt these were safety issues that could affect the clientele that visited the clinic.”

So why wasn’t Alexander going to open the abortion clinic that he has operated for at least 20 years?

“There are certain standards that he has to meet with the state of Michigan and he feels at this time he cannot meet those, and he doesn’t want to entertain that and so our information is that he is not going to reopen the clinic,” Lewis said.

Ironically, it appears as if Alexander had done himself in. An early story in reported that Alexander had phoned police about a possible break-in, according to a press release Muskegon police issued last Friday.

“A break-in through the back door of the Woman’s Medical Services led police to the building at 863 East Apple Avenue,” 24 Hour News 8 reported. “Investigators found a broken rear window but no other evidence of a larceny. However, officers noticed several building and health code violations and called for assistance.”

Previously Alexander had darkly hinted that pro-lifers were responsible for the break in, although he offered no proof, police did not concur, and local pro-lifers flatly denied any involvement.

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