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Planned Parenthood increases number of abortions, rakes in nearly $1.2 billion in revenues

by | Jan 9, 2013

2011-2012 PPFA Annual Report

By Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL-ETF Director of Education & Research

PPFAReport11-12“This past year will be remembered as the year Planned Parenthood declared its commitment to making the next generation the healthiest ever.” — From PPFA’s annual report, which notes that the organization took the lives of 333,964 members of the next generation.

Planned Parenthood’s 2011-2012 Annual Report is out, revealing record revenues and the performance of more abortions than ever before for the industry leader in killing unborn babies.

The 12-page annual report reveals that PPFA, after experiencing a miniscule drop in 2010, increased its abortion total to 333,964.

In human terms that is one lost life every 94 seconds.

For all its talk about “women’s health” and “reproductive health services,” Planned Parenthood’s record number of abortions is an indication of Planned Parenthood’s absolute commitment to the priority, promotion, provision, and profit of abortion.  (

And make no mistake about it: abortion is a huge profit center.  At going rates for a standard surgical abortion performed at 10 weeks, the 333,964 abortions Planned Parenthood performed represent an income of at least $150.6 million. And it is no secret that Planned Parenthood advertises and performs more expensive chemical and later surgical abortions, indicating that abortion revenues are likely considerably higher.

Collectively, the organization and its affiliates took in nearly $1.2 billion in revenues ($1,199,100,000 to be exact). Few will notice that  about one out of every nine women coming through the door will have an abortion! So much for abortion being a “tiny fraction” of PPFA’s business.

In  “A message from our chair [Cecilia Boone] and President [Cecile Richards], ” PPFA gushes over ObamaCare and the 2012 decision by the Supreme Court to uphold the law which is formally known as the Affordable Care Act.

Boone/Richards tout ObamaCare’s provision of “access to birth control” and other services,” saying it “will have a profound and concrete impact on millions of people’s lives.” However it does not mention the windfall the organization stands to receive if its “ services” – such as abortion  which also has a “concrete impact” on human lives– are fully subsidized.

One thing the report does show is that Planned Parenthood received over half a billion dollars ($542.4 million) in “Government Health Services Grants and Reimbursements.” This represents more than 45% of the group’s annual revenues.  While federal monies for abortion are currently limited by the Hyde Amendment to cases of rape, incest, or life of the mother, at least 17 states and several local communities can and do fund abortions.  With the onset of ObamaCare, that amount could mushroom.

It is worth noting that Planned Parenthood’s birth control (its signature service), breast exams/care , and pap test services (the “cancer screenings” Planned Parenthood said Mitt Romney and other pro-life politicians wanted to “take away’) all went down, while abortions reached their all time record.

Likewise, just as PPFA reassumed its relentless expansion of abortion services, prenatal care – offered at only a handful of clinics to begin with– dropped for the second year in a row, a perfect illustration of how tenuous Planned Parenthood’s commitment to a woman’s full range of “reproductive options” truly is.

They did increase their “adoption referrals to other agencies” though – to a whopping 2,300!   Abortions at Planned Parenthood outnumbered adoption referrals by a 145 to one margin.

Revenues from “private contributions and bequests” rose by 37.4% in a single year’s time.  That reflected an increase of about $30 million in that category by affiliates. However  private contributions to the national office, where Richards and her team make policy and promote the Planned Parenthood brand, more than doubled, from $73 million in fiscal 2011 to $149.3 million in fiscal 2012.

However the report is more conspicuous for what it alludes to (or omits altogether) than what it explicitly details.

· It is not by chance that the first priority Richards and Boone outline in their opening message is “dramatically increasing access to health services and education by leveraging technology and building the capacity of our affiliate health centers.”

While smaller non-abortion performing clinics have closed and weaker affiliates have merged with more aggressive ones, Planned Parenthood has been investing in giant, modern, state of the art, designer decorated megaclinics which can process large numbers of abortion patients every day.  Smaller satellite clinics have added web-cam abortions using the powerful abortifacient RU-486. A woman talks via video conference with an abortionist located at the main clinic who asks her a few questions and then remotely opens a drawer containing the chemical abortifacients.

Expect more abortion megaclinics and web-cam abortion satellites now that Planned Parenthood has mandated that every one of its affiliates have at least one abortion performing “health center” in the network.

· Not even on this balance sheet, but part of the same campaign run by many of the same team, was the concerted, multimillion dollar political campaign by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, which played up many of these same false claims about attacks on women’s health, this time to turn out votes, not just donations.   The $12 million+ Planned Parenthood spent on the election enabled it to “misinform” a great many voters.

Planned Parenthood is rich and powerful and has deceived and destroyed many lives.  But it is an empire built on lies – that abortion doesn’t hurt, that it doesn’t haunt, that abortion doesn’t take human life.

It is an empire that will, with your help, ultimately fall.

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