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Pro-abortionist’s warnings are as apocryphal as they are apocalyptic

by | Jan 8, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Robin Marty

Robin Marty

I grant you that I likely could say this once a week, but a piece at yesterday is utterly bizarre, even by this pro-abortion site’s less-than-rigorous standards. Here’s the context to Robin Marty’s op-ed.

The Obama Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services, spooling out its interpretation of a provision in ObamaCare, decided it would be perfectly okay to ride roughshod over the religious objections of many by mandating that employers purchase health insurance for their employees that includes coverage for items and procedures, such as contraceptives, that they have moral or religious objections to. When that rightly met with stiff resistance, the Obama administration began offering a series of “responses” supposedly in the spirit of “accommodating” these objections.

But (a) few people believed Obama and his HHS would be even slightly sincere; and (b) for most of the more than 40 lawsuits filed against the mandate, opposition was a matter of deep religious principle.

However in a leap of logic only a true-true, hard-core pro-abortion militant could make, Marty argues this is the equivalent of civil disobedience/sit-ins! Let’s think about that one for a moment: hundreds, if not thousands of people at one spot versus a handful of attorneys scattered all over the country? Please.

I suspect even Marty knows this is absurd but she soldiers on anyway. She maintains that if a handful of pro-life legal entities take on the massive, deep-pocketed power of the entire federal government, it is the equivalent of legal “carpet-bombing.”

Indeed, a few organizations such as The Becket Fund for Religious Freedom and the Thomas More Law Center continue to file suits and this is going to “overwhelm”  the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT “with defense costs.” You simply have to smile. Obama likely goes through as much in tax dollars on one of his vacations to Hawaii as it will cost  to “defend” the HHS mandate.

Some, like the Hobby Lobby corporation, say they will not comply with Obama’s mandate as a matter of religious principle. Understand, this could quickly escalate into a massive penalty, if Obama decides to lower the hammer on this, or any other, business.

To anyone with no stake in the outcome, this is a hardy display of courage, worthy of admiration. To pro-abortionists like Marty, it’s occasion to ridicule their determination not to water down their faith.

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