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What Happens if Roe is overturned? “40 years of Roe v Wade: 40 Days of Prayer & Reflection” looks at two more pro-abortion myths

by | Jan 4, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

DailyRoeFactsCoverreWe’ve headed into the weekend so I’d like to write briefly about two more myths debunked by “40 years of Roe v Wade: 40 Days of Prayer & Reflection,” provided by the Nebraska Catholic Conference which began December 12 and ends January 22. “40 Years” combines a substantive question each day about abortion followed by “Prayer Intention for Today.”

For January 5, Myth #1—“If Roe v. Wade is overturned abortion will automatically be illegal in the U.S.” Not so, alas. The fact is,

“If Roe is overturned, abortion policy will be decided through the democratic process in each state. Before Roe v. Wade, all states permitted abortion if necessary to save the mother’s life, and some permitted abortion in additional circumstances. But Roe deemed “every [abortion] law—even the most liberal—as unconstitutional. …If Roe is overturned, policy decisions about abortion will be made by the citizens of each state through the democratic process, rather than by the courts.”

For January 6, Myth #2—“Roe v. Wade is only about a woman’s right to abortion, not about a right to take life in general.” Has the anti-life cancer metastasized Unfortunately, yes!

“Roe has often been cited by state and federal judges to endanger human being already born. In 1986, relying on Roe, the Supreme Court invalidated a law intend to ensure care for children born alive during attempted abortions. In 1983, a U.S. district court invalidated a federal regulation to prevent medical neglect of handicapped newborns in hospitals receiving federal funds… In 1980, a New York court cited Roe in a ‘right to die’ case, arguing that the ‘claim to personhood’ of a terminally ill comatose patient is ‘certainly no greater than that of a fetus.’ …While some of these rulings were later modified or reversed, they all underscore how Roe v. Wade has been used to argue that the ideas of privacy and liberty can trump life itself—after as well as before birth.”

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