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A real debate over abortion in Canada: no longer unthinkable

by | Feb 6, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Mike Schouten

Mike Schouten

Imagine you are the Canadian Abortion Establishment so entrenched it makes your America counterparts look like they are on the run. (Come to think of it, there are hints of that, but that’s another story.)

There is no abortion law, courtesy of a 25-year-old Supreme Court decision, the criminal code is so anti-life it says the child does not qualify as a ‘human being’ until birth, the government is so afraid of its own shadow that when it came into power it fell all over itself insisting it is NOT interested in “re-opening the abortion debate,” and the media/academic establishment has announced from on high that only women-hating troglodytes could possibly entertain doubts about abortion. Can it get any better?

Probably not. But from their perspective, matters have already gotten worse, with prospects for more damage on the horizon.

We’ve written about it many times in NRL News Today, because it is like being “Present at the Creation” (to borrow the title of a book written by Dean Acheson, the one-time Secretary of State). It would be a gross exaggeration to suggest the Abortion Industrial Complex is teetering in Canada, but there clearly is movement.

To be sure if the Canadian public had bought into the abortion agenda lock, stock, and barrel, an uphill fight would be even harder than it is. But like the side-to-side movement in an aging transmission, you can almost feel the play.

To begin with there is an overwhelming consensus against third-trimester abortions and sex-selection abortions. That’s a long way from a pro-life culture, but it is a starting point.

The problem has been, as Mike Schouten, Campaign Director,, put it in a piece in NRL News Today, “our ability to converse about it was relatively immature.” That has changed over the last nine months for reasons we have written about extensively. The result is the beginning (admittedly modest) of “a debate about a debate.”

Most recently, there is the startling news that data from Statistics Canada indicating that 491 babies died after they were born alive following failed[!] abortions between 2000 and 2009.  Pro-abortionists, as they always do, tried to derail the conversation. This was just another tiresome attempt to re-litigate the legality of abortion, they huffed.

No, it wasn’t. The controversy was not over abortion but over babies who had been born alive and therefore were protected under the Criminal Code.

This is making pro-abortionists very nervous.  As Patrick Craine writes, there’ve been various attempts to quell the controversy. One physician wrote to the National Post yesterday to explain how, to her mind, the place to draw the line for elective abortions was at 20 weeks.

And this was driven home to her by

“a document I received from The Quebec College of Physicians, titled ‘Guidelines in performing abortions.’ When performing an abortion on a woman who is 21 weeks pregnant or more, in addition and prior to following general procedures, we are instructed to inject digoxin or potassium chloride into the fetus or the amniotic sac. This effectively kills the fetus, thereby avoiding having to deal with a live, aborted infant.”

I’m not sure what she expects the average reader to conclude from the assurance that you can guarantee a dead baby by poisoning her before (or in addition to) employing the “general [abortion] procedures.” None of this “live, aborted infant” stuff.

My point is a simple one: the practice of abortion is so absolutist that it has run circles around public opinion. As Mr.Schouten wrote last October

“The end result is that an abortion debate is no longer viewed as unthinkable, but rather it is entirely acceptable if not a sensible one to have. Journalists may not be racing to catch up with this issue with the speed at which they go after say, Justin Trudeau [the charismatic son of the  late former Canadian prime minister Pierre Trudeau], but it’s certainly receiving the attention that has been lacking for many years.”


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