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A riveting, no-holds-barred account of one woman’s abortion

by | Feb 13, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

patientdoctor23Almost the first thing the reader sees is the deadline for finishing the “assignment”: February 15. That’s the last date for submitting a response to CNN’s online question, if you’ve had an abortion,  “How do you feel about it now?” 

Stories can be shared via video, audio, or text. Here’s the explanation for the “assignment”:

“As much as abortion gets debated politically, rarely do we read stories of women who have chosen to terminate a pregnancy. We want to hear from anyone who has had first-hand experience with abortion. How difficult was the decision? How do you feel about it now? How did it change your life?

“We understand that abortion is a sensitive subject, and all submissions will be treated with discretion. You don’t have to show yourself on camera. But feel free to write your thoughts, record your voice, or make a video telling us about your story.

“You could be part of a story for

“Please send your submission by Feb. 15.”

To be honest, I think I was about to get flippant. And then I read the first post and about got knocked off my feet.

“The weight of my abortion” is a powerful, heart-breaking, no-holds-barred account that in 1,572 words captures many of the cross-currents that so often suck women into the vortex of abortion. It is a narrative where she vacillates between blaming others for their non-support and accepting total responsibility for the death of the baby she has named Maya Rose.

I would encourage you to read her story. As time permits I intend to read some of the many other accounts. Again, the URL is

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