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Baby crushed by car containing China family planning team that had come to fine parents for having second child

by | Feb 5, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Feng Jianmei, lying in bed after her forced abortion at seven months

Feng Jianmei, lying in bed after her forced abortion at seven months

In the middle of the story from NBC News Produced Ed Flanagan about a terrible tragedy, there is this very telling sentence:

“For many in China, the story brings back uncomfortable memories of Feng Jianmei, who last June posted gruesome photographs of her lying in a hospital bed next to her 7-month-old aborted fetus.”

What could remind the Chinese people (expressing themselves via Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter) of this hideous forced abortion, one of the few to ever go “viral”? The mysterious death of a 13-month-old child who “was fatally crushed by a car containing Chinese officials after they went to collect a fine from the parents for breaching the country’s one-child policy.”

Details are as sparse as the story is sad. According to Flanagan a delegation of [count them] 11 officials from a birth control office in Ruian drove to a village in the eastern province of Zhejiang Monday to extract a fine from Chen Liandi and his wife Li Yuhong for the “offense” of having a second child.

A heated argument ensued and, according to Flanagan’s report (relying on an account provided by the Chinese state media), the phalanax of officials convinced Li Yuhong “to accompany them back to Ruian to talk over the couple’s options.”

Reportedly the baby was reportedly left with Chen Liandi “and the group got back into their cars to leave,” Flanagan reports. “What happened next remains unclear–perhaps due to the politically sensitive nature of this story — but the boy was then found crushed underneath a car. “

This was too reminiscent for many frustrated and angry Chinese of the plight last June of Feng Jianmei who posted pictures of her seven-month-old aborted baby lying next to her in a hospital bed. She and her husband had been unable to pay the $6,400 fine for having a second child.

As NRL News Today reported at the time, a blunt text message from a “family planning official” went viral in which he/she wrote, “I told you, $6,400, not even a penny less. I told your dad that and he said he has no money.” The official added, “You were too careless, you didn’t think this was a big deal.”

Flanagan reminded his readers of Feng’s (and her baby’s) fate. She was kidnapped off the street, taken to a hospital where she was blindfolded, “thrown on a bed and forced to a sign a document she couldn’t read. Thirty hours later, her baby girl was aborted.”

Although there are rumors floated periodically that the regime is re-thinking its one-child policy, just last month Beijing affirmed its support for the policy. (See “Top Official: ‘China Must Unwaveringly Adhere to the One Child Policy,’” )

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