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Incredible pain and RU-486 abortions: an underreported story

by | Feb 25, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

TimeMagRU486Over the course of the last 20 years no one has written more intelligently or in greater depth about the two-drug RU-486 abortion technique than Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s Director of Education. The two latest examples of his scholarship can be read at and, but there are dozens and dozens more.

From the earliest days in the Clinton Administration, Dr. O’Bannon carefully demonstrated how pro-abortionists greased the skids to make it possible for RU-486 to be distributed in the United States. The earliest slogans were variations of how “natural” RU-486 abortions supposedly were (like a “miscarriage”), and certainly how “easy” and “painless” they were. In fact, they are anything but natural and often incredibly painful, not to mention dangerous. The agony is, in many cases, excruciating and women have died after ingesting this power chemical “cocktail.”

Over at, Sarah Terzo has compiled a number of quotations, many from pro-abortion sources, that demonstrate how much pain can and is associated with these “medical abortions” (as pro-abortionists like to call them). Here are just two examples.

Terzo quotes from an article from the Boston Phoenix, which details the RU-486 abortion this woman had at six weeks.

“Back at the dorm, hours later, I know that I writhed in my twin bed, suffering from debilitating, convulsing cramps. My roommates, best friend, and boyfriend hovered around; they brought me pain killers, Tiger Balm, hot-water bottles, and applesauce, and all the while they stroked my head and conferenced in the background about how I was doing. I bled profusely as my body rejected the fetus that had been described to me as “the size of a grain of rice.” I threw up. And finally, I fell asleep.”

Terzo follows that up a post that appeared on the pro-life website Pregnant Pause

“The pain made me scream in tortuous wails. I lay on my boyfriend’s couch, the first night alone, and writhed, twisted and contorted my body praying that either I would die or the pain would stop. I called the emergency number they gave me and told them that the pain killers were not working. They said very callously that there was nothing more they could do for me, informing me that this is normal and to just wait it out. After two nights of what I thought would end this nightmare I began to bleed, a little. On the third day after the contractions I passed the first “tissue” mass. I thought, that’s it, it’s over, now I can begin to heal, right? WRONG!!!!!!

About one and a half weeks later while watching TV I began to feel very ill, and began to cramp up again. Thinking this must be normal (yeah right), at first I thought nothing of it. Within two hours I began to bleed very heavily. The bleeding became increasing worse; eventually I couldn’t get off the toilet. I began to pass blood clots the size of golf balls, and yet another fleshy mass. The cramps became contraction and the bleeding became uncontrollable, I went through a pack of maximum strength maxi pads inside of 12 hours. While sleeping the first night I ruined three pairs of P.J. pants. I again called the emergency number the clinic provided me with and they said it was normal and to just wait it out.

The next day the bleeding was still relentless and the pain only bearable because I was still breathing. I called the clinic, again, and they told me that the doctor said it was a “delayed abortion”. There was still nothing they could do and it was normal. I lay all day bleeding, crying and thinking I must be crazy. As the day progressed it became increasingly hard for me to get up and walk to the bathroom. I began to pass out if I stood up. It finally got to the point that my boyfriend had to carry me to the bathroom, because I could no longer stand. Again we called the emergency number and they said if it was that bad I needed to come in. I asked them how they propose I do that since I cannot be more than 5 minutes away from a bathroom, and when I stand up I pass out. At this point I was distressed and angry that I had to endure such suffering, but at the same time I thought maybe I deserved it. After all, it was my fault and my choice not to keep this baby. I knew it was God punishing me for killing one of  his children. Even though my boyfriend, Tom, didn’t want the baby, it was my body, my choice, my suffering, and my consequences.

I called my regular GYN and described the situation to him, he said I needed to go to the emergency room immediately. Upon arrival at the ER they put me in a wheel chair and I waited no more than 10 minutes before I was blood-soaked from the waist down. They rushed me through triage, where they discovered my blood pressure was roughly 60 over 52. The doctors met me in my room where they immediately put me on I.V. fluids and drew blood. I described what was happening over the last 24 hours and the events that had led up to my visit in the ER. The next 12 hours were degrading, humiliating, painful, stressful, and virtually unbearable.”

Terzo adds, “She needed 2 pints of blood and a D&C and was told that if she had not come to the emergency room, she would have died.’

Chemical abortions, used in conjunction with webcams, make it possible for abortionists to kill many more unborn babies in rural locales. It also hugely increases the risks to the mother, because the abortionist is not on site; indeed, he could be hundreds of miles away.

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