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Mississippi House panel moves to prevent Internet abortions

by | Feb 28, 2013

Public Health and Human Services Committee acts today

Mississippi State Representative Sam Mims, who sponsored HB 1390.

Mississippi State Representative Sam Mims, who sponsored HB 1390.

JACKSON, MISS. — Under the leadership of Chairman Sam Mims, R-McComb, the Public Health & Human Services Committee in the Mississippi State House of Representatives passed pro-life Senate Bill 2795 today.  Senate Bill 2795 requires that a physician be physically present during a chemical abortion; thus it would prevent chemical abortions via an Internet webcam in which the abortionist could be many states away.

“Senate Bill 2795, as it was passed today, is a solid pro-life policy for the people of our state,” said Mississippi Right to Life President Barbara Whitehead, who praised the Public Health Committee.  “Having a doctor physically present during an abortion is simply good medical practice that should be followed.  This bill will help protect women’s health and save unborn babies’ lives.”

Internet abortions, also known as “webcam abortions,” are growing in popularity nationwide as abortion centers seek to maximize their revenues from each abortion.  Currently the abortion center in Jackson is doing RU486 chemical abortions, but not webcam abortions—at least none that have been reported.  The Jackson abortion center advertises chemical abortions for $550.00 each.

President Whitehead singled out Chairman Mims for his leadership, stating, “Crafting pro-life legislation, and building consensus support for that legislation, is never easy.  That is why we thank you, Representative Mims, for your extraordinary efforts to do so with S.B. 2795.”

Senate Bill 2795 now moves on to be heard by the full House of Representatives.

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