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More allegations against abortionist Robert Alexander: “He probably felt he could get away with it because most people don’t want to talk about it”

by | Feb 20, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Robert Alexander's Women's Medical Services

Robert Alexander’s Women’s Medical Services

When word leaks that charges have been filed against abortionists, one positive can be that other women come forth to tell how they maimed them.

We’ve carried more than a dozen stories about Muskegon abortionist Robert Alexander, who says he is not re-opening his Woman’s Medical Services abortion clinic which authorities shut down last December. Yesterday NRL News Today reported on the fine investigative work by WOOD TV Target 8 which went into more detail about two alleged “botched” abortions. (See

Now the same reporter, Ken Kolker, is reporting that still another former “patient” of Alexander is alleging that “she nearly bled to death six months after he performed a botched abortion on her.”  The 30-year-old woman, who did not want her name used, said she came forward when she heard about news of other “failed” abortions.

Kolker says she is “among five former patients of Alexander who have told Target 8 about alleged botched abortions or medical complications following abortions they underwent at his clinic in Muskegon. “ Three reached out to Target 8, he wrote, the other two were identified in court records.

“It just really hit home,” the 30-year-old woman told Kolker. “I wanted to make sure that something was done about it, and make sure he doesn’t hurt anybody else again.” (You can read the story in its entirety at

After the abortion in 2008, she asked Alexander why she was in such pain when it wasn’t supposed to hurt. When she went into the bathroom, “I remember seeing blood all over the restroom, including on the toilet seat,” she told Kolker. “There was blood everywhere. It wasn’t from me; it was there as soon as I walked in, and I just thought, I cannot sit down.”

Six months she was experiencing off-and-on hemorrhaging. One night she started bleeding badly, she said.

“’If my boyfriend hadn’t woken me up that night, I just feel like I could have bled to death in my sleep.’

“She said an ambulance rushed her to Butterworth Hospital, where doctors gave her two blood transfusions and an emergency D&C.

“Alexander, she said, hadn’t removed all of the fetus.

“’They told me that there were pieces and tissue that had never been removed, that my body had been trying to get rid of,’ she said.”

It is at this point that yesterday’s story intersects with Kolker’s previous investigation into Alexander’s 16-year relationship with Dr. George Shade.

According to Kolker, that was about the time Shade, who was then chairman of the state Board of Medicine, closed out a complaint filed by Muskegon Ob/Gyn Dr. Michael Engel, alleging that Alexander had botched the abortions of two other women. Shade was instrumental in Alexander getting his medical license back. (Alexander had served two years in federal prison for illegal distribution of controlled substances.) Shade insisted that all was above board, that “the process was followed.”

Kolker concluded his story with a quote from the latest woman who had sought out Target 8.

“He probably felt he could get away with it because most people don’t want to talk about it, but there’s got to be a point where you have to be strong,” she said. “People need to stand up and fight back against this man.”

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