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Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation brings out the worse in the worst

by | Feb 12, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

If there is anything more certain than death and taxes it is that some members of the media would use the occasion of Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to resign as the opportunity to take the cheapest of cheap shots.That it was utterly predictable does not make the vicious, ugly attacks any the less revolting. Of course I will not repeat the slurs and slanders. Instead let me say this.

I wrote a piece that ran earlier today about the emotional toil that taking part in abortions can exact from clinic personnel. Trafficking in the blood of unborn children and the desperation of their mothers can make you take inventory of your soul late at night when it’s only you and your memories.

I just wonder if those who tweeted in the most derisive, personally insulting manner possible about the Pope’s decision to step down at the end of February actually thought about what they wrote before they pushed the “send” button. Did it cross their mind that it took both great courage and enormous love for his flock for Pope Benedict to resign?

Could they have anticipated that he already knew that those for whom integrity is a four-letter word would fall all over themselves in an attempt to be “clever”?  Of course not. And, even if they had, it wouldn’t have presented even a minor speed bump to these oh-so-sophisticated pundits racing to be the first to the bottom.

For sure we can know that they could never have realized the basic irony. That the lower they sunk, the higher they elevated this great man of God—that the comparison of  their behavior with his could only serve to illustrate what a great man he is and what ethical midgets they are?

Any chance their consciences will make their way through the debris? Any chance they will ever regret their vile remarks?

Probably not. But for sure they should.

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