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Riley Clarke—Miracle Baby—Home in England

by | Feb 18, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Jade and Rikki with their firstborn Riley.

Jade and Rikki with their firstborn Riley.

What better way of celebrating President’s Day—or any day, for that matter—than with a story of a so-called “miracle baby.” Now 17-months-old, Riley Clarke of Barnsley, Yorkshire, England certainly qualifies.

The young boy finally made it home last week, well after Jade Clarke’s doctors recommended an abortion because Riley had “no chance” for survival.

“Doctors told me time and time again that Riley would have no chance, and I should consider an abortion,” Jade told the Daily Mail Newspaper. “But he’s an angel sent from above. He’s my first child and I just felt I wanted to keep him.”

And to be sure, Riley had a bushel full of serious medical issues when he was born in September 2011. Riley was born with his heart on the wrong side of his body, disconnected valves, and twisted bowels. His mom was even given a bereavement midwife after the birth!

But Riley was a fighter.

After his birth, he stayed in the hospital for several weeks and returned that December. Although he did not finally go home until last week, “the problems they forecast did not materialise,” the Daily Mail reported.

To keep his airwaves clear, Riley has to wear a ventilator attached to his throat at all times.  And one of his kidneys has also not properly formed—none of which discourages Jade, any more than predictions Riley might not walk. (Jade told the Daily Mail “they constantly have to keep an eye on him as he can crawl and tries to stand up.”)

He’s such a happy chappy. He loves Tigger from Winnie the Pooh and is always bouncing about,” she said. “I look past the tracheostomy now, I don’t see it any more. If it wasn’t there, you would never know.”