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The pro-abortionist’s fear of and loathing for Pregnancy Care Centers

by | Feb 18, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Momandbaby335Pregnancy Care Centers (also known as Women Helping Centers and Crisis Pregnancy Centers) are the stone in the shoe of the Abortion Movement. An alternative to the death-peddlers they not only give women a genuine option, they function as a standing rebuke to the Planned Parenthoods of this world. Which is why, of course, they are perennially in the crosshairs of the Abortion Establishment.

I admit I am fascinated, in a perverse sort of way, with the level of vitriol, the unabashed hatred on display. Part of it is from the wing of the abortion movement which goes crazy at the thought that many of those volunteers who help out do so as an expression of their faith. That cannot be allowed.

Others have sold themselves  a bill of goods—that Pregnancy Care Centers offer (as Robin Marty, writing at put it) “Misleading and inaccurate health information.”

You have to appreciate that to ideologues like Marty it is an article of faith, so to speak, that every study that demonstrates that a certain percentage of women suffer from one or more of a myriad of post-abortion complications is simply making the results up. Abortion CAN’T be bad for women, it just can’t. Commonsense would tell you otherwise, including, most obviously of all, an increased risk of premature birth with subsequent babies following an abortion.

“This is just one in a long list of risks associated with abortion,” Cassy Fiano explains. “Women who have abortions are at risk for higher mortality rates, serious medical injuries or death, mental health problems, depression, suicide, and breast cancer.” (See “Canadian study: Significant increased risk of pre-term birth after abortion.”)

Remember that Planned Parenthood is a more than $1 billion dollar “nonprofit” which gets money from every level of government and tons of private subsidies. The largest abortion provider in the United States is swimming in private contributions and tax-funded subsidies, but the idea that a Pregnancy Care Center would receive any governmental aid—direct or indirect—drives them into a frenzy.

A tax credit? Intolerable. A state fund that reimburses them for some expenses? Unacceptable? How about applying to the city for

low-interest loans to build an apartment building to house women with unintended pregnancies during and for some time after the birth, as Marty explains. That must be smothered in the cradle, lest those pesky pro-lifers be better able to do what pro-abortionists always rant they have no interesting in doing: help women after the baby is born.

My point is a simple one: Mix hatred for competition, shake it with a loathing for faith-based women-helping centers, and stir it with a fear that one single baby might ever escape their clutches and you’ll understand why they will never cease trying to destroy all alternatives to abortion.