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“Ugly and Inhumane and barbaric”

by | Feb 15, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

glassesandbook.I’m going to conclude “National Right to Life News Today” for the week with a brief post, stirred into existence by the headline of a piece that ran in the Irish Times. It read, “Words can change our capacity for reason.”

Consider these three snippets from John Walters’ column:

#1. “Enthusiastically repeated by reporters and commentators, these phrases are capable of changing our capacity for reason and moral action.”

#2.  “One remarked capacity of these phrases is that of usurping the everyday meanings of commonplace words.”

#3. “Lately, a new dimension has entered in…which brings a subtle element of affection.”

Think for a moment of all the deadly euphemisms which have insinuated themselves into our vocabulary. Think of how they have a common denominator: to drain unconscionable acts of their moral character, to say up is down, bad is good, dark is light.

For example, why should anyone be upset if “products of conception” are dispensed with and what’s the big deal if someone merely exercises their “right to choose”?

For that matter why get all bothered if we refer to the unborn as a “fetus”? Granted, NOBODY talks about an ultrasound of their unborn fetus, but still…

To return to #1, the goal is to repeat the Big Lie over and over and over. If need be, revamp the lingo and repeat the Slightly Smaller Lie over and over and over. And, if push comes to shove, you can even sort of concede there is a “moral component” to ripping heads off of the torsos of unborn babies, just so long as nobody takes the next step and says, “Okay, let’s stop that!”

But as long as you are actively involved, none of this lethal malarkey will ever win even a “subtle element of affection.” It will remain what it is: ugly and inhumane and barbaric.

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