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7-year-old asks the President to “Please change the law about killing babys when they are still in mommy’s tummys”

by | Mar 22, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This first ran at the end of January. For reasons you will grasp instantly, Alexander’s letter to President Obama was enormously popular with our readers.

Click on letter to enlarge.

Click on letter to enlarge.

Okay, everybody who reads NRL News Today knows I am a sucker for kids in general, little kids in particular. Over the weekend, National Right to Life received by email a letter Alexander G. had written to President Obama.

His mom wrote

Good morning,

My 7 year old son was inspired to write a letter to the President requesting “to make a new law that will protect the babies”. I can only imagine the amount of correspondence you are receiving daily; however, with my wonderful and hopeful boy standing right behind me at the moment, I am humbly asking you to please read the attached letter. My son is only 7 and his voice is not yet loud, but he has a dream, a belief and a heart to become the next generation of brave men and women set to defend everyone’s – born or unborn – right to life.


Marina G.

In case you can’t make out what Alexander wrote, here is it, exactly as written.

Dear Presedent Obama

My name is Alexander. I’m 7. Please change the law about killing babys when they are still in mommy’s tummys.

This babys are a live and not one chose to die.

Please make a new law that will protect the babys.

Marten Luther King, Jr. had a drem and he changed America and I also have a dream that Momys have to take good care of the babys in there tummys and bring babys to the orfanedg and other mommys can adopt them and they will be happy.

I will also be Presedent wen I grow up.

Your Friend

Alexander G.

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