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A Successor Generation

by | Mar 11, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

As our NRL News Today readers know, all this year we are compiling a “Roe at 40” series which offers stories and opinion pieces and editorials from National Right to Life News going back to 1973. The following comes from the June 2005 edition. If you are not a subscriber, call us at 202-626-8828.


TeenCamprewebIf I do my job properly, every issue of National Right to Life News provides at least a glimpse of the reasons why we are moving to the day when Roe v. Wade takes its rightful position alongside Dred Scott and other discarded High Court decisions. But the June 2005 edition is so full of enlightening stories that it acts like a floodlight illuminating the constellation of forces that are moving us in the direction of a post-Roe world.

Consider just four examples, the common denominators of which are the triumph of truth and the flowering of a successor generation that will carry on the work begun by us old war horses.

With impeccable scholarship, Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s Director of Education, thoroughly debunks the two-sided lie that abortions increased under President George W. Bush (they’ve actually gone down) and decreased under President Bill Clinton (the momentum from Bush One carried over, but the longer Clinton was in office, the slower was the decline). His article is the model of how to unclog a public discussion stopped up with lies.

Much of this anti-Bush propaganda, it must be noted, is in the service of pro-abortion Democrats who are flailing about, desperately trying to neutralize the abortion issue. What this assault on people’s intelligence reveals is the utter contempt pro-abortionists have for the average non-partisan.

In their insincere yammering, they believe, like the alchemists of old, that they have found the Philosopher’s Stone, a linguistic device that can transmute baseless rhetoric about finding “common ground” into electoral gold. Or, to put it in a more mundane fashion, they have persuaded themselves (as a journalist once put it) that all anti-life politicians need do is to “wrap a liberal position in a conservative answer.”

Second, the page one story that details the fight over federal funding of embryonic stem cell research demonstrates yet again that proponents simply will not take yes for an answer. Some 58 different diseases have been treated with stem cells taken from a host of non-embryonic sources.

But even though not a single disease in humans has been successfully treated with embryonic stem cells, only stem cells that require the death of human embryos get rave reviews. Highly–and I do mean highly–speculative ruminations about “potential” routinely triumph over performance.

To that end, proponents assure us that the killing fields will extend no further than to so-called “leftover” embryos created at fertility clinics but not implanted. This is an out and out lie, to begin with.

The real objective, as the more candid researchers will bluntly tell you, is to clone human embryos to get around various problems, including the human body’s defense system, programmed to rise up against “outsiders,” including embryonic stem cells. In addition, as President Bush pointed out at a White House event last month, rather than being turned into research fodder, some frozen embryos are being adopted.

Third, I strongly encourage you to read Holly Smith’s terrific piece on page 18 about “Camp Joshua.” I had never heard about this retreat center where 16-to 21-year-old youths spend three days immersed in the nuts and bolts of the life issues.

Intense and informative seminars are supplemented by real-life experiences at “the Oregon Right to Life offices in Salem, a Portland pregnancy center, and a home for unwed mothers,” Smith writes. “They also meet with pro-life leaders in the state House and Senate and lobby.”

Fourth, on page 16, Kathleen Sweeney writes about Black Americans for Life’s First Annual Pro-Life Achievement Awards Luncheon. I wish you could have been there.

Three great African-American champions were honored: Kay James, Dr. Mildred Jefferson, and the Rev. Johnny Hunter. I was struck by how humble each recipient was and how they highlighted the immeasurable importance of rearing a new generation of pro-life leaders.

In a gesture freighted with symbolism, Rev. Hunter asked the young college student who introduced him to stay while he mesmerized the crowd with a powerful pro-life speech. When, at the end, Rev. Hunter pressed the young man from Ohio State University to share his achievement award, there was not a dry eye to be found anywhere in the United States Capitol’s Mansfield Room.

We—you and I and countless other pro-lifers–are overcoming ignorance and indifference, callousness and cold-heartedness with love, compassion, and understanding.

And we are overcoming, not because of all that our three honorees have accomplished, as laudable and commendable and invaluable as it all has been. We are overcoming because of the work that you do, tirelessly and mostly without credit, for the greatest civil rights cause of our time.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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