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Former Gosnell employee paints horrific portrait of Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society

by | Apr 4, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

GosnellandclinicA former employee of Kermit Gosnell, who is on trial on eight counts of murder, painting a grim picture both of conditions at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society abortion clinic and of the personal price she paid for working for the 72-year-old West Philadelphia abortionist.

Elizabeth Hampton was one of nine Gosnell employees charged after a devastating 261-page Grand Jury report was released.

Hampton, who did housecleaning and later answered telephones at the clinic, testified tearfully that she was paid $10 an hour, five days a week, twelve hours a day to clean—all paid in cash. But during second trimester abortions, Hampton testified, employees were paid extra—in her case $20 per second trimester patient.

She said she left for unspecified reasons in 2002, refused calls to return from her foster sister Pearl Gosnell (the third wife of Kermit Gosnell), and Gosnell himself until 2006 when she reluctantly came back. She told the jury, “I felt obligated to work there.”

But what she saw convinced her to leave less than a year later. According to Slobodzian

“Among her cleaning duties, Hampton said, was cleaning out the suction machines used to remove fetal remains during abortions.

“Hampton testified that she would pour the jar of red liquid from the machine down a sink drain and turn on the garbage disposal. She said she did not know if the liquid contained fetal body parts.

“’I left because of things I saw. I went out that night and started drinking at the bar across the street,’ Hampton said, her voice choking with emotion. ‘I fell off the wagon.’”

In October 2009, Hampton returned to the abortion clinic once more, this time to answer telephones. The Philadelphia Daily News reported that Hampton testified she gave Cytotec to Karnamaya Mongar the same day she  died after going into cardiac arrest. She did so even though Hampton had no medical training. Cytotec opens the cervix and stimulates contractions.

Kermit Gosnell is charged with third degree murder in the November 2009 death of Mrs. Mongar who prosecutors say died because Gosnell’s untrained staff gave the tiny woman multiple doses of Demerol and other drugs prior to her abortion. He is also charged with seven counts of first degree murder in the deaths of seven babies aborted alive and then killed when their  necks were slit.

“After Mongar was taken to HUP [Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania], Hampton said the clinic resumed business operations the same night and remained open the next day,” the Daily News’ Emad Khalil reported.  “After the investigation, Hampton said that Gosnell ordered the employees to clean and scrub the clinic. The first floor was repainted. When asked why he did so, Hampton replied ‘If he said to do something, we did it. We didn’t question him.’”

“Hampton and husband James Johnson were on the payroll of Gosnell’s clinic and, with their daughter and four grandchildren, lived in a house Gosnell owned,” said Slobodzian. “But the security of Gosnell’s name came at a price: emotional stress, alcoholism, criminal charges” and testimony against her brother-in-law at his murder trial in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

Charged with lying to the grand jury about the 2009 death of Karnamaya Mongar, Hampton “pleaded guilty to perjury under a deal with prosecutors in which she testifies in exchange for leniency when she is sentenced,” according to Slobodzian.

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