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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition challenges Global News on its one-sided reporting

by | May 29, 2013

By Alex Schadenberg, executive director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC)

media+biasToday, Global News has published another one-sided article concerning assisted suicide. The article is connected to a one-sided poll that asks: Should doctor-assisted suicide be legal?

The options are: YES, dying adults should be able to get help to end their life, or NO, it is wrong on moral grounds.

The poll is skewed by its wording. Everyone wants their life to end well but that doesn’t mean they want assisted suicide. And many people oppose assisted suicide for reasons other than morality.

Yesterday I sent this email to Global news concerning their promotion of assisted suicide. I wrote:

I am very disappointed with the one-sided article produced by Emily Mertz concerning assisted suicide in Canada.

It appears that Global News wants to promote assisted suicide rather than report on the issue in an honest and straight forward manner.

As the executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition we will be sending a strong complaint to the CRTC [Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission] unless you decide to change your policy and produce TV news programs that are balanced.

In your program there is no information about the abuse of assisted suicide in Switzerland or the abuse of euthanasia in the Netherlands and Belgium.

There is almost no information about the possible negative consequences associated with euthanasia and assisted suicide. There is no information on why disability groups, such as the Council of Canadians with Disabilities and Community Living oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.


Global News re-published the original article and added an online poll.

The online poll asked the question: Should doctor assisted suicide be legal in Canada? YES or NO.


On the Global news website under the title of Principles and Practices, Global News claims:

“Our primary directive is to report accurate, balanced, timely and comprehensive news and information in the public interest …

News events and public issues may be analyzed and put into context, as long as comment or opinion is clearly identified and kept distinct from regular news coverage.”

Global News is contravening its own principles and practices and they are presenting a one-sided view on an issue of social importance with Life and Death in the balance.

Last year the Global News 16 x 9 program aired a eugenic euthanasia program titled “Taking Mercy “ featuring a woman who wanted her adult children with significant disabilities to be euthanized.

The Taking Mercy show was then featured on the Dr. Phil show.

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities responded to the Taking Mercy segment.

EPC is tired of the one-sided reporting and we demand balanced programming on the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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