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“Kermit Gosnell has been a wake-up call for Pennsylvania”

by | May 10, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Maria Vitale Gallagher. Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Maria Vitale Gallagher. Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

Maria Vitale Gallagher, the legislative director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, has written an outstanding piece helping readers understand that the Keystone state has not stood on its hands since news broke about Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors.”Since you can read her fine essay in its entirety (“Pennsylvania Abortion Activists Fought New Anti-Gosnell Laws, But Lost,”, let me offer just a couple of highlights.

The crux is that politics (first Gov. Tom Ridge, later Gov. Ed Rendell, both pro-abortion) were key to why what the Philadelphia District Attorney called  Gosnell’s “Baby Charnel House” was not inspected for 17 years, even though there were lawsuits galore filed against Gosnell and inspectors already had multiple reasons to shut him down. There was worry that in raising red flags it would be “barriers” to abortion access.

Gallagher reminds us that a new administration—Governor Tom Corbett— acted quickly. He “used his administrative powers to conduct a full review and shed light on the darkness in which abortion centers had been operating,” she writes. “Then, the legislature passed and Corbett signed into law Act 122, which followed the recommendation of the grand jury by ensuring that abortion facilities abide by the safety standards of outpatient surgery centers.”

Unless you followed this closely, you wouldn’t know how much opposition there was (unless you lived in Virginia, that is, where pro-abortionists went off the deep end). But because they could not meet even basic safety conditions, there are now five fewer abortion facilities.

Gallagher ends with this powerful conclusion:

“And in the aftermath of Gosnell, ordinary people are beginning to ask questions about what goes on in abortion centers… about the line of demarcation between abortion and infanticide…and about the medical standards of those who make abortion their business.

“Gosnell has been a wake-up call for Pennsylvania—a wake-up call that carries with it the warning that politics should never be placed ahead of the health and safety of women and their children.”

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