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Post-aborted Women “Surrender the Secret” on Internet TV Show

by | May 8, 2013

By Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President

surrenderthesweet2The right-to-life movement knows that abortion not only kills unborn babies, it harms women—physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Whether a woman is considering an abortion, or has had an abortion, we in this movement of love extend our love to her, opening our hearts and arms to her.

I don’t know if anyone can say that every woman who has had an abortion suffers its after-effects, but many do. Fortunately, many have also found hope and healing.

A show available for viewing on the internet gives us a glimpse into the healing process as five women allow us to follow them through a bible study for abortion recovery. The show, “Surrender the Secret,” also the name of the bible study, aired on

The ten-episode series, now complete, followed Jill, Vanessa, Kelly, Courtney, and Jane as they share their abortion stories and accept the forgiveness of a loving heavenly Father. You can watch Episodes One through Ten at


“Surrender the Secret” combined the actual bible study discussion with interviews of the women. I was amazed at the courage these women exhibited, opening up on camera to talk about their experiences, their thoughts, and their feelings. Four of the women had been through the bible study before and the viewer quickly realizes that the healing is a long, heart-wrenching process.

The women face the truth—that their actions took the life of another human being. They are asked to look at how the abortion affected various aspects of their lives and they learn to deal with their anger. They are allowed to grieve for their babies through a memorial service given for the babies, and they learn that they are free of guilt and condemnation because of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to take a look at the first episode, and you’ll want to watch the second, and the third…

Thank you to and these women for opening their hearts and their lives to us, so that we can begin to understand their pain. Hopefully, this will motivate us to work even harder to stop abortion so that other women will not have to deal with the pain and regret.

Again, you can watch all ten episodes at

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