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The “firestorm” over “late-term abortions” just beginning

by | May 2, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Michelle Goldberg

Michelle Goldberg

A few months ago, I wrote something that roughly said, “Hold on! Whatever conditions look like now [this was in the month or two after the November elections], they will change—and for the better.” I said that simply because the underlying dynamics of the abortion battle had not changed; they were obscured by the gazillion dollars in advertising pro-abortion forces put into the elections and overshadowed by the horribly insensitive way two pro-life candidates addressed the issue of rape.

I thought of that again when I re-read a piece from a couple of days ago—“Reproductive Wars: the Firestorm over late-term abortions,” by Michelle Goldberg, a reliably pro-abortion scribe. It is a classic, in its own way, a testimony to the cross-currents in the hearts and minds of all but those who would look for ways to excuse away Kermit Gosnell.

She begins by acknowledging that last summer when she was went in for her 3-D ultrasound at 20 weeks, “I am very pro-choice, but I already spoke of him as my baby” not “fetus.” Goldberg then immediately takes a left turn to take a stab at the first two Live Action undercover videos.

Immediately there is the key paragraph, which illustrates how pro-abortionists try to finesse what 99% of the American public find abhorrent. In a classic of the let’s ignore the elephant in the room, Goldberg argues that the two abortion clinics are not like Gosnell because they

“reveal no illegality or disregard for patient safety. But that doesn’t really matter. Any time the details of late-term abortion procedures are pushed into the spotlight absent any context about the reasons women have them, it’s a victory for the anti-abortion movement.”

The issue these two videos (and a third released Thursday) raise is not whether the abortionists performed abortions past a certain point or whether they would murder the child when she/he survived, but what would these abortionists who perform “late term” abortions do with an abortion survivor? As an Florida state legislator asked a Planned Parenthood representative, what do you do when the baby is “alive, breathing, squirming”?

In a word nothing. One clinician advised the Live Action investigator “flush it.” Another coyly talked about what was “technically” required but that’s no big deal because “It’s all in how vigorously you do thing things to help a fetus survive,” adding a few moments later, “[W]e would not help it.”

Still another assures the Live Action investigator there shouldn’t be any live births–“We do the injection, which is a quick poke through your belly, um, and that stops the fetal heart, so that makes it so, if you were to deliver, there shouldn’t be movement. There shouldn’t be any of those things… Yes we induce a demise–an intrauterine demise… Um, death.”

The woman asks if she should go into labor during the two-day abortion procedure should she call for an ambulance. She is told, “No, call us first…if you showed up in an average emergency room with an emergency room physician who’s not a gynecologist, probably has never seen or done a termination, they will treat you as though you are somebody with a desired pregnancy…”

To her credit, Goldberg offers other evidence that her friends in the abortion industry aren’t all that wonderful. But she ends with the same old, same old. Any woman who has a “late abortion” does so for good reason. The implication is always the same: paradoxically, the later the abortion, the more you must remain quiet.

As evidence she offers a forthcoming pro-abortion study “looking at more than 200 women who had abortions after 20 weeks for nonmedical reasons.” None of the reasons offered—they were raising money or they were teens who didn’t realize they were pregnant—are the kind of justifications that people could live with as reasons you abort huge babies who are very, very developed.

The “Firestorm over late-term abortions” is actually, at this stage, more of a brushfire. My guess is it will become a raging inferno in the not-too-distant future.

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