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Cuomo defeat not yet a done-deal

by | Jun 18, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The current session of the New York State legislature does not adjourn until Thursday, so as of this afternoon pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not yet suffered what would be a stinging defeat. And given how chaotic the last few days of any session can be, pro-lifers at the state capitol are keeping a wary eye out.

But if Cuomo is defeated, his decision to make expansion of abortion an ultimatum will have doomed the rest of the 10-point Women’s Equity Act, an all-or-nothing approach endorsed by the leading pro-abortion feminist organizations.

An angry Cuomo, widely expected to run for President in 2016, did not formally concede defeat Monday appearing on the public radio program “The Capitol Pressroom.” But he not so subtly vowed retribution.

“I think it’s a mistake for the IDC, who are theoretically Democrats,” Cuomo said in the radio interview. “This is going to be an electoral decision, and it’s going to be in the re-election campaigns of these senators.”

The IDC refers to the four-member Independent Democratic Conference which has a power-sharing arrangement in the state Senate with Republicans. Its leader, Jeffrey D. Klein, told the New York Times that as of Monday the votes weren’t there in the Senate.

“We have to come to terms with the fact that the Republican conference in New York State in the State Senate is a right-to-life conference,” Mr. Klein said. “The governor needs to step up his game, show some leadership and identify votes in the Republican conference just as he did with the marriage equality vote.” Klein added, “I’m not going to bring a bill to the floor to fail.”

He also questioned “why advocates and lawmakers were willing to sacrifice the other provisions in the women’s rights package,” according to the Times’ Timothy Kaplan.

Cuomo was backed in his take it or leave it approach by Andrea Miller, the president of Naral Pro-Choice New York. “It’s simply not good enough to say you’re pro-choice and then refuse the one moment when you have an opportunity to take an absolute, crystal-clear vote,” she said. “You have that moment and you’re going to walk away from that? You cannot call yourself pro-choice.”

But even some New York “pro-choicers” balked at what the Governor was proposing. Remember the context: NARAL already gives the state an A-. And why not?

New York has no parental consent law, no 24 hour waiting period for abortions, and publicly funds abortions for women who receive public assistance. It is is cursed with a major metropolis in which in some zip codes the abortion rate has reached a ghastly 60% among African-Americans.

But Cuomo and NARAL et al. want more. Last week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan said, “This legislation would add a broad and undefined ‘health’ exception for late-term abortion and would repeal the portion of the penal law that governs abortion policy, opening the door for non-doctors to perform abortions and potentially decriminalizing even forced or coerced abortions.” As we’ve previously reported New York State Right to Life slammed the bill as “a Trojan Horse – a beautifully gift-wrapped package of death and destruction.”

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