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Planned Parenthood’s Bottomless Hypocrisy

by | Jun 17, 2013

By Dave Andrusko

PPFathersDayI can only hope that dads around the country were fortunate enough to experience even half the blessings I enjoyed yesterday on Father’s Day.

On Saturday we watched Emma, our 2 ½ year old granddaughter, so that my son and his wife, Jean, could have some time together, a kind of pre-Father’s Day gift from David’s own father and mother.

After they left, I asked Emma if she knew what tomorrow was. No.

“It’s Father’s Day,” I responded enthusiastically. “For me?” Emma inquired.

I was about to laugh when I realized…well, yes, in a real sense. Without Emma, no Father’s Day for my son, no experiencing the joy I’d been privileged to enjoy with our four children.

PPTweet061613I thought of that out-of-the-mouths-of-babes comment when I saw a pro-life source print the tweet and photo from Planned Parenthood which are reproduced on this page.

Does this really need a lot of commentary? No, just a couple of words.

“Care. No matter what,” we read, that is unless you are a baby who is ‘unplanned.’ Then your life isn’t worth a plugged nickel.

“Happy Father’s Day,” except to the fathers of the 339,964 unborn babies you brutally dispensed with.


It is impossible to shame Planned Parenthood, so pointing out their hypocrisy will have no effect on the leading abortion “provider” in the United States. But it is a reminder yet again why (as NRLC Executive Director David N. O’Steen explained recently) PPFA has such a favorable public image: 55% of those interviewed in a recent national poll did not know that Planned Parenthood performs abortions! (See “Most Say They Are Familiar with Planned Parenthood – But Don’t Know Planned Parenthood Performs Abortions”)

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