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Quebec doctors promise to fight euthanasia bill

by | Jun 11, 2013

By Alex Schadenberg, executive director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Dr. Paul Saba

Dr. Paul Saba

An article that is written by Giuseppe Valiante and published by the Sun News Network on June 7, is reporting on how a group of Quebec doctors plan to fight a euthanasia bill that is expected to be introduced in the Quebec National Assembly next week.

The Sun Media article stated:

A prominent Quebec physician called upcoming euthanasia legislation a “scam” and said that if it becomes law, doctors across the province will take the government to court.

Montreal-based family doctor Paul Saba, who is also head of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice, told QMI Agency Friday said the government’s bill “skips palliative care and goes straight to death.”

He is one of over 500 Quebec doctors who signed a manifesto entitled: Total Refusal of Euthanasia Declaration.

Public Health Minister Veronique Hivon wants to table a euthanasia bill in Quebec’s legislature in the next few days, her spokeswoman, Laurie Comtois, said.

The legislation is reportedly based on a 2012 report that recommended “medical aid in dying.”

Saba said he had no faith the Quebec government will commit sufficient resources for terminally ill patients to make a fair and honest choice regarding end-of-life care.

He claimed palliative care in Quebec is so severely underfunded that given the choice of death or continuing to live with pain, many sick patients will choose to die.

Saba said he’ll fight any future law allowing euthanasia.

“(Quebec doctors) will continue to practice medicine (if the euthanasia law is passed) and we’ll be fighting in the courts.”

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition supports the direction of the Physicians for the Total Refusal of Euthanasia in Quebec.

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