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11-year-old Chilean Girl Chooses Life

by | Jul 12, 2013

By Rai Rojas

TexasUnbornbabyBelén is the pseudonym she’s chosen to use to tell us her story.

She’s an 11-year-old girl from a small, southern and rural Chilean town. And even at this tender age she has known inconceivable hurt and pain. For the better part of the last 18 months her mother’s live-in lover has raped her repeatedly.

During a visit with her grandmother a few weeks ago, it became evident that Belén was pregnant. When questioned, she told her grandmother everything, and the grandmother immediately contacted local authorities. The man responsible has been arrested and has confessed to the crimes.

Her mother shocked the nation earlier last week when she defended the man by claiming the sex was consensual. AS a result, the girl has been removed from her mother’s care and is now living with her maternal grandmother.

Upon hearing the news of another one-in-a-million hard-case, those who profit from abortion swooped in like locusts hovering above a bean field. “Experts” were brought in to testify that the most efficient and absolute “best result” would come from an abortion without delay.

Belén became the tool-du-jour for those who advocate and promote abortion all over Latin America – a region rich with pro-life laws and sentiments which are anathema to regressive pro-abortionists.

And especially Chile, a country that boasts the best maternal mortality rates in all of Central America, has very protective & compassionate laws regarding women and their pre-born babies. These “experts” were prepared to take the Chilean constitution to task.

However, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, commented on the side of life and his concern for the child’s well being, has led him to assign the country’s health minister to personally oversee her care.

His comments and actions predicatively sent the extremist pro-abortionists working the region into hysterics. Their demands that the child be allowed an abortion grew vehement, stronger, and shrill. They were seeking autonomous rights for this 11-year-old girl.

But then the most remarkable thing happened. Belén went on national television and told her story. She assured everyone that she was aware of the circumstances that had led to her pregnancy, but stated she already loved her baby. Calmly, she told her audience that it was fear that had kept her from reporting the abuse – but that in spite of who the father was, she really wanted this child.

Contradicting their statements from just days before when they thought she wanted an abortion, the “experts” have quickly changed their tactics and have begun claiming that an 11 year old couldn’t possibly decide what is in her best interest. Bolstered by pro-abortion Presidential candidate front-runner Michelle Bachelete, these experts are wanting to justify strapping this little girl down onto a gurney and violating her once again because now they feel she lacks maturity. Unreal.

But life is winning. With Presidential help and a loving and supportive grandmother Belén may begin to finally put the past behind her.

Pray for her, and her much-wanted and already loved pre-born child.

She’s 15 weeks pregnant now – and the name she chose, Belén – it’s the Spanish word for Bethlehem.

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